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Good service for planning a vacation to Costa Rica?

Question by Nick: Good service for planning a vacation to Costa Rica?
I want to use some online vacation planning service that provides good, reasonable itineraries to Costa Rica.

Anyone know of any good sites?

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Answer by tico times directory
If you are looking for a custom vacation package that will include some off-the-beaten-path itineraries, we recommend Mark from Costa Rica Custom Vacations.


He has been putting together pretty cool travel packages for over 20 years. A bit more in cost but worth it. I used him a few years back when I took my kids to Costa Rica. I did not want to hassle with setting stuff up, allowing me to spend more time with my kids.

You can call them on their toll free numbers or email direct from the website.

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3 Responses to “Good service for planning a vacation to Costa Rica?”

  1. imayesfan says:

    Im looking at a web site called http://www.latinamerican4less.com
    They have a bunch of different self guided tours to choose from including air from the USA. You can choose different quality hotels & itineraries. Check it out.

  2. Costa says:

    Unless you are looking to overpay for your CR vacation, plan it yourself. It’s not rocket science. Book your ticket and hotel. Then when you get there, you can book just about any activity in any area of the country.

    The packaged “custom” vacations are a complete ripoff.

  3. Chandan Kumar says:

    Hi Dear, I think you should try http://www.hotels2stay.net/ for planning your vacation service in Costa Rica. The Reason is that you can find your accommodation in Costa Rica at very Cheap rate and with full Portfolio of hotels. Apart form it, this website is a collection of beautiful hotels with beautiful natural Scenario, and i am confident these hotels will be under your budget.


    For your Planning a vacation to Costa Rica

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