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Has anyone been to Costa Rica during the Sept/Oct raining season? If yes, would you recommend it?

Question by bella1: Has anyone been to Costa Rica during the Sept/Oct raining season? If yes, would you recommend it?
I’m planning my honeymoon at the end of September and I read that its the raining season in Costa Rica. I would like to know from someone who has traveled there at that time to advise if they would recommend it.

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Answer by wanderingjane
Costa Rica is rainy a good bit of the year on the coast in particular. The Pacific coast has more rain than the Caribbean during the Sept/Oct time period so you may want to plan for that coast.
Also, keep in mind the mountains are just gorgeous don’t recieve the same sort of rain as the coastline. You could visit volcanoes, craters, and coffee plantations if the weather isn’t so great on the beach. The rainforests are also something worth visiting and what difference does it make if it rains there?
My favorite place in Costa Rica is on the Caribbean, just south of Limon, called Porto Viejo. There’s a fun bit of beachy nightlife, it is pretty remote, great hiking, walking, and the way they make beans and rice with coconut milk there is enchanting. As you move south towards Panama, it is very remote and you can lie around naked on picture perfect beaches with howler monkeys as your only interlopers.

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  1. sandal_wood_girl says:

    I would definitely recommend Costa Rica any time of the year, if you are going during rainy season just keep in mind that you would need to bring enough clothes (as they get damp a lot specially if you are close to the rain forest) because of the humidity. Also if you are planning to rent a car you need to pay specially attention to the road and drive very slow as the roads are full of pot holes and it is easy to wreck the rental cars. But besides that just keep in mind that it won’t be sunny all day but usually even when it rains the mornings are nice and clear…
    I also recommend the Caribbean shore during this season as the weather is nicer… if you are on your honeymoon I specially recommend “Almonds and Corals” amazing tent camp….
    Otherwise for a honeymoon I think the most wonderful and romantic place would be Tabacon Resort & Hot Springs, located right next to the active Arenal Volcano. The resort has beautiful and confortable rooms, all with a fantastic view of the volcano (well, if it’s clear enough) and the hot springs gardens are a dream come true, specially for honeymooners… have fun!

  2. Todd says:

    I have been and lived in Costa Rica as a tourist / foreigner and September & October are the heavest rainy months there. I normally do not recommend people go here unless you are going to the mountain areas like Monteverde (the cloud forest) or the Caribbean (it is dry season at that time here). So that being said the Caribbean is the best choice places like Puerto Viejo or Cahuita or Manzanillo. There is this awesome lodge called Almonds & Corals and it is in the Rainforest on the beach on the Caribbean it would be a great place to visit.

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