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How much money should i take with me to Costa Rica?

Question by Kate M: How much money should i take with me to Costa Rica?
I’m considering going to Costa Rica next summer for about a month for a work program. I would have a place to stay and most of my meals would be provided. I would be working in the mornings, but would have evenings and weekends off to explore. Around how much should I expect to spend while I’m there? I’m planning to spend money on zip lining trips but that’s probably it, unless I find something else exciting. =D

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Answer by Orange
I would say that you’ll need $ 1500-2000 for a month. But I wouldn’t bring that much cash. Will you have a safe in your room? If not, I would not bring more than a couple of hundred and use ATM’s when needed. Check with your bank what fees they charge and let them know your travel dates, so they don’t freeze your card if you try to use it overseas.

That may seem like a lot, but it’s not. You will want to go out after work, so you will need to pay for taxis (never walk around after dark), drinks, and good restaurants. You willnot stay locked up in your room while in CR. You will go out more than you know. And CR is not cheap either. It may be a poor country, but the prices for everything are relatively high.

FYI-Zip lines (canopy tour) costs $ 75-100, depending on location and length.

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  1. Kristina L says:

    I spend about $ 500 a week when I’m there, but I’m usually doing tours everyday. Even though you don’t think you’ll be doing many tours, you’ll be surprised how many really interesting ones they have to offer and you should do a few while you are there.

    If you aren’t paying for a hotel and food, you can get away with very little, if you are pinching pennies. Your expenses will be limited to transportation, occasional meals away from your ‘home’ and exploring. If you take the public bus, you can get pretty much anywhere in the country for less than $ 10 (that’s a guess, its been awhile since I’ve taken the bus, bat at that time it cost me $ 4.00 to go from San Jose to Arenal. If you are doing overnights on the weekends, you’ll need to plan on lodging and food for those times. Staying at a hostel, estimate around $ 12 – although I’ve seen them much less during the green season. If you want an inexpensive villa or hotel, I’ve stayed at those as low as $ 30 – but some areas are much more. Food – estimate $ 5 for fast food and $ 10 for a decent sit down meal.

    The final spending option is ‘shopping’ and this will be based on you and your needs. If you have 20 people at home who want souvenirs, you’ll need more money than if you have no one. You’ll probably want to pick up a few things for yourself while you are there. Its good to estimate how much you want to spend and work it into your budget.

    At the very least, I’d bring $ 500, if you are pinching pennies, you can make that last. However, if possible, I’d make sure you have access to more. They have ATMs all over Costa Rica, so getting more money if you need it shouldn’t be a problem.

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