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Is Costa Rica a safe travel destination for a family with young kids?

Question by Happymom13: Is Costa Rica a safe travel destination for a family with young kids?
We’re thinking of traveling to Costa Rica this summer (couple with kids ages 4 and 7). Is this a safe destination? Are there specific areas or activities that are most recommended? We’d love to try a “green” hotel, near the beach and rainforest. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

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Answer by sweetmommy
We rented a house on the Osa last year with my 2 girls and it was amazing. Try Lapa Rios or Bosque del Cabo. There are incredible places there and your little ones will love the monkeys, macaws, butterflies & beaches. It is very safe and clean. You do need to watch for scorpions & snakes but a little common sense will suffice.

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  1. skyler heissenbuttle says:


  2. Tony Camonte says:

    Yeah, its pretty safe. There are bad neighborhoods like anywhere, mainly in San Jose and the Atlantic coast, but crime isn’t that bad especially by Latin American standards. And if you’re hiking in the rainforest, watch where you’re going because there are poisonous snakes ( I was in Costa Rica for a year and did a lot of hiking, and I saw a couple).

  3. JD says:

    montezuma… you’ll love that place
    your kids and you will love that place
    small town with everything in it
    supermarkets, stores, beach, waterfalls and people are great

  4. livibend18 says:

    I was just there with school. We were all about 13-16 years old. Costa Rica is amazing. But i do have to warn you that there are certain places, like San Jose, where you want to be careful. San Jose is the capital and a big city, so never go there flashing nice clothes or jewelry and keep your money and purses inside your clothes. When i went i moved around to different places. One spot that i recommend is Jaco beach. It is beautiful there, like a tropical paradise. Its probably one of the most sunny parts of Costa Rica.

    Well, i hope you have fun =]

  5. Curious says:

    Yes. It is as safe as America. That is to say, be aware of what is going on around you.
    Your property is less safe. There is kinda a general idea that if you wanted it you would lock it in your house. So if it isn’t locked up people may steal it.
    Otherwise CR is very nice. The crime is generally about like home. If you look for trouble you can find it, but civilians are pretty safe.

  6. Jay Dub says:

    We just stayed at Hotel Si Como No in Manuel Antonio. That place meets every single one of your requirements to a T !!! It’s a gorgeous hotel owned by an American Hollywood Producer. It’s perched on the side of the mountain that looks over the Pacific Ocean. They have an AWESOME kids pool with a waterslide that goes through a little jungle, AND there’s a waterfall they can jump from into the pool. The Hotel brags that they only had to cut down 2 major trees when they built it, and when you go there you’ll clearly see that it’s an amazing feat !!!

    They also have a small free movie theater there where they play fairly new movies, for rainy days. It seats probably 30 people.

    Check it out online

    I can also send you pics from our trip there if you like. The rooms are AMAZING !!!! No two are alike and the views are breathtaking !!!!

  7. KYGrace says:

    Yes, Costa Rica is wonderful for family vacations. Almost every place is perfect and like a paradise!!

    There is one place that you should stay away from and that is Jaco Beach. It used to be awesome, but now there are too many prostitutes, drug dealers and gang activity in the area. It’s a shame.

    The government is trying its best to clean it up, but it may take a while, so stay away from it. If you do go there, absolutely do not go out at night anywhere with your children and never, ever go anywhere alone at night!

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