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Q&A: How late does it stay light out in Costa Rica?

Question by garbagetime000: How late does it stay light out in Costa Rica?
We’re going to Costa Rica and are going to rent a car, but I’d prefer not to drive at night since we’ve never been there before. So when planning our trip, I’m trying to figure out how far we can drive before it gets dark. We’re going in about a week (mid-July). Anyone know when it gets dark out? Thank you.

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Answer by lover_1292
I have been to Costa Rica twice before and i love it there!good choice.

but ok so when i would say it gets dark would be around 6 ish i think.
so ya

it gets dark around 6ish.
hope this helps.
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  1. sean94110 says:

    Since Costa Rica is close to the equator the amount of daylight stays pretty constant – about 12 hours of sunlight every day. Sunset is usually between 6-6:30pm

    If you are arriving at San Jose in the afternoon it might be best to stay in Alajuela (where the airport is located), have your rental car delivered to your hotel in the morning and get an early start.

  2. ticosland2008 says:

    We are in the tropics in Costa Rica. The sun rises around 6 am and sets around 6 pm. We have a little more sunlight now, but it only varies about half an hour. For more information about weather and currency exchange rates, go to the TicosLand.com website.

  3. Mar says:

    Gets dark at 5 or 6 pm, every days is the same because we are close to the equator. And the Sunrise always is at the same time 5 or 6 am.

    I’m from Costa Rica living in America since 2006, but I go there every 6 months to see my family.

    Is so sad what I’ll tell you… but I feel is my responsibility.

    First, Costa Rica is not the same of 5 years ago, not even 3 years ago, is so many crime, that I feel shame.

    Please dont go to any place after 5pm, especially San Jose down towm, PLEASE DONT TRUST TO NOBODY, especially if they wear nice cloths.

    If your rental car break down, and people offer to help you, dont do it, because is a robbery, is trick for get your cameras, passport, money, credit cards, everything. Never leave your bags without attention.

    Dont wear expensive jewels never, dont use a cell phone in the road, or cameras and NEVER NEVER carry on your laptop in his bag, because they’ll kill you for get it. If you need your laptop, just used in a backpack. If you can take only your cloths will be better.

    This are the places that you need to AVOID, they are extremely dangerous , DAY AND NIGHT:

    1) Moravia, especially “Los Cuadros” and near neighborhoods.
    2) Zona Roja ( red zone) in San Jose downtown is where all the criminals, prostitutas, drug addicts, homicides, robberies are, so stay away from there.
    3) Pavas ( american embassy is here) if you need to go there, take a taxi back and forth.
    4) Alajuelita
    5) Leon XIII
    6) Tibas
    7) Barrio Mexico
    8) La calle de la amargura, San Pedro
    9) LIMON IS THE MOST DANGEROUS TO ME, about 80% of the people are blacks, and in the last month 36 people got killed, homicides, rapes, violence.
    10) San Jose of Alajuela. Is a bad neighborhood of Alajuela.

    Now, this places are very dangerous at night, in the day are just ok, if you’re smart to walk fast and don’t stop to see something or talk to strangers you’re going to be ok.
    1) San Pedro
    2) Some Places in San Jose downtown
    3) Heredia
    4) Puntarenas ( all the area)
    5) South of the country: Perez Zeledon, Dominical Beach.
    6) Guanacaste: (best beaches of the country), just be careful at night.
    7) Alajuela
    8) Desamparados
    9) Rio Azul (Blue River)
    10) Tarbaca
    11) Aserri. ( we got a serial killer who killed more than 6 couples and never got caught) about 10 years ago. Is because this is a higher place with incredibles city views and lonely places, so many couples used to go there.

    Just a few places I can use the word “safe”, basically the very rural places.

    Now, a must see place is Arenal Volcano in la Fortuna, San Carlos, but carefully, because in just 2 policeman for the whole town. So the criminals are there now, because they can go away with pretty much everything.

    Now, if you ask me why is so bad, in a very small period of time, let me tell you why:

    1) Liberals judges, basically the criminals do all kinds of crime, the police caught them and half an hours later are back on the streets, committing more crimes.

    2) Our laws are very weaks.

    3) We have many illegals (Nicaraguans and Colombians) they are very violent. They got paid for kill people. And again, half an hour later are free.

    4) Not many police. Just a few in the rural places, not enought.

    5) Many weird crimes are happening now, like homocides or robberies inside big well known hotels, we are wondering if the workers are helping the criminals to get some extra cash.

    About the weather, is very comfortable, although Coronado, Heredia are higher in the mountains. so is alittle bit colder. Rain 90% of the time. Is like Washintong State, rain…rain..rain..

    In Guanacaste and the South part of the country is hotter, about 10 or 15 degrees more.

    Costa Rica has only two seasons: summer and rain.
    Rain : from middle of May until November.
    Summer: from middle of november until end of April.

    About cloths,…

    For the city: jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes, boots, light sweaters, jackets, blouses.

    For the beaches: sandals, bikinis, shorts, lighter cloths

    PLEASE DONT WEAR HAWAIAN CLOTHS, because everybody knows you are from another country from faraway, and may not be safe. And anyway nobody used them there.

    If still you want to go, just be smart, is a really beautifull country with jungles, white sand beaches, good food ( you must try ceviche with a beer), cool towns, amazing views, but in this moment my country is going down the toilet. Hopelly the people is going to wake up and get back our peacefull land.

    If you want to ask me more about something especific, write additional information in this questions, and I’ll be back to you soon. I can tell you about food, hotels, places, everything.

  4. Curious says:

    Sunset is always somewhere between 5:30 and 6. Sunrise between 6 and 6:30.

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