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Safest and cheapest neighborhood to reside in Costa Rica capital?

Question by Z3: Safest and cheapest neighborhood to reside in Costa Rica capital?
Senior wants to relocate to Costa Rica. Which neighborhood near capital city is least expensive to rent apt for one – retiring must live on S S only. Thank you.

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Answer by gringo1001
pavas isnt that expensive ( the american embassy is there andits a 10 min bus ride to the center of san jose) friends of mine rent a house there for 500 dollars a month and my wife rents a room in a house for 200 a month which includes food

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  1. juan says:

    pavas es muy inseguro ahi hay lugares rudos, pero por ahi vive el pressidente

  2. pacificlots says:

    The comment at the bottom is saying that the area is not very secure and that there are rough spots. I would tend to agree.

    I also like San Lorenzo, which borders San Joaquin de Flores and is close to Heredia, the locations of two of the most highly regarded Spanish language schools in all of Costa Rica – CPI and Intercultura.

    On February 20, 2008, in Costa Rica’s largest Spanish newspaper, La
    Nacion, it was reported that Belen in the province of Heredia was rated
    the #1 Municipality in Costa Rica for the 4th year in a row. There
    were 30 evaluations considered by the Control General of the Republic to
    determine how the municipalities had performed. Some of the
    considerations used were debt ratings, collection of taxes and usage of
    municipal funds to clean and improve the local infrastructure.

    Since it’s a small pueblo, you can walk to get everything you need and
    do not get stuck in traffic jambs or need to drive all over to find
    parking. So not only do you feel good about cutting back on fuel
    consumption but its great exercise and you meet a lot of new friends on
    the sidewalks.

    The municipality in Belen is very organized and keeps development under
    check so the infrastructure is not saturated which enables the community
    to stay clean.

    Additionally, it is one of the safest communities because it has its own
    Municipal Police force in addition to the Fuerza Publica and Transito
    officials that are present throughout the country.

    For those folks who need a bilingual grade thru high school for their
    kids, the American International School, http://www.aiscr.com
    < http://www.aiscr.com/> , is located in the Cariari subdivision in

    Belen is just minutes away from the Real Cariari Mall with 3 floors of
    shopping and 6 US style cinemas and tons of restaurants.
    http://www.plazarealcariari.com < http://www.plazarealcariari.com/> ,
    which is on the expressway that connects the international airport to
    the capital of San Jose.

    Less than 5 minutes away across from the Real Cariari Mall, you’ll find
    the hotel Ramada,
    < http://www.ramadaherradura.com/english/index/index.htm> , and the
    Doubletree Hilton Cariari Hotel at,
    < http://doubletree1.hilton.com/en_US/dt/hotel/SJODTDT-Doubletree-Cariari
    -by-Hilton-San-Jose-Costa-Rica/index.do> This resort is located on the

    Look at the map to understand where San Antonio, Belen in the province
    of Heredia is situated in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. It is not in San Jose
    but on the outskirts going toward Alejuala and the airport. This is a
    wonderful place to live and very affordable. You can view the map and
    plenty of photos at;
    < http://groups.google.com/group/belen-costa-rica/web>

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