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What are fun things to do in Costa Rica?

Question by Sandra: What are fun things to do in Costa Rica?
I am going to Costa Rica at the end of August. I have never been and neither have the people I am going with. We are staying at Paradisus Playa Conchal. Any suggestions on what to do?

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Answer by jeligula
Costa Rica has some of the world’s best hot springs in the mountains and there are some ancient artifacts in the form of numerous, perfectly spherical carved stones that nobody knows anything about. The beaches are beyond great. Have fun and don’t drink the water.

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  1. Italian Guy says:

    100% recommend

    The volcanoes and canopy tours are the best attractions.Amazing the horseback riding on the beach and a local restaurant/club that was close by.

    The lush tropical grounds were surrounded by an on-site golf course and a beach. The food is good highly recommend the canopy tour
    If you are flying into the Liberia airport you’ll get a taxi to Paradisus (Playa Conchal) (45 minutes).
    dont forget Costa Ricas natives Motto’s Pura Vida or pure life..!!
    (Source I was there in Costa Rica)

  2. ticosland2008 says:

    You should definitely take a tour to Arenal Volcano. Rio Celeste and the waterfalls is are another excellent option. You should also take a canopy tour. For other options, visit the TicosLand website.

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