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What are the best things to buy in Costa Rica?

Question by pdx_girl: What are the best things to buy in Costa Rica?
I am going to Costa Rica later this week. What things are good to buy there? I know coffee, but what else? What is cheap compared to the US? Are there any cool cultural things I should keep an eye out for?

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Answer by Jaded
There are many women who work with wood and different types of tree seeds to make unique and interesting jewelry. Costaricans also work with coconut, coffee paper, banana and tobacco leafs in much of there handcrafts. Something I really love and find beautiful are the jewelry boxes with the Blue Morpho butterfly framed to the cover. You can also buy the frames separately with the Blue Morpho or other types of butterflies.
Warning : Beware of those who might try to rip you off by charging you much more than they should.
You also asked ” what is cheap compared to the US?” Fruit is! If you don’t think you’ll get sick try the different types of fruits in the country like Mamon and Guayaba (I’m not sure what is in season right now).You can also try there fabulous natural juices like Mora and Cas.
I hope you enjoy your trip and are able to find unique and interesting things to bring back home.
Pura Vida!!!!

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  1. butterblue77 says:

    Beer! 1 beer: 1$ (supermarkets only)
    Guaro Cacique, our national liquor less than $ 7
    Woodcraft: if u have the time go to Sarchi, like 50 kms from San Jose, there are lots and lots of things made out of wood.
    A t-shirt with the logo “Costa Rica Pura Vida”, u can find’em everywhere in San Jose, we’re known for that expression.
    In most beaches u can find lots of artisans selling their handmade jewerly, made out of seeds, wood, seashells, etc
    Hope u have a nice trip, good luck!!!

  2. tica_nan says:

    There is beautiful leather goods, hand made. Like purses, and luggage. You can find them in the Mercado Central in San Jose. Also fun styff like handmade wooden toys (hobbie horse etc) and rolling pins. Carved wooden sculptures also nice,
    Enjoy your visit

  3. la_globetrotteuse says:

    Salsa Lizano! Once you’ve tasted the national dish ‘gallo pinto’ you won’t be able to live wihout it!

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