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what spf sunscreen should i use for costa rica?

Question by samhandwich22: what spf sunscreen should i use for costa rica?
I am traveling to costa rica for 3 weeks in july and am wondering what type of spf sunscreen I should use? On one hand, I want to get tan…but i definitely dont want to get burned. I will pressumably be outdoors alot.

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Answer by KC
30 SPF should cover it, but take 50 just in case ^_^ Have fun!

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  1. Amy W says:

    I went to Costa Rica last April and found that I needed to put sunscreen on pretty much everyday. The number you use I think may depend on the activity you’ll be doing. Just sunbathing or walking around, I would probably use a 30. But when we went snorkeling, the reflection from the water just about boiled our backs, so in the water I would say pretty high, 50 or 55. Hope you have a great time, it’s a wonderfully beautiful country :)

  2. x Spitz dogs are number 1 x says:

    I spent a year there and only ever got burnt once (im olive). A friend and i sat in the sun all day long without any protection on a hot and sunny day and i blistered!! If you dont intend on doing that then any SPF should do the trick :) Have fun!

  3. Orange says:

    If you are light skinned, I would go with 50+. The sun is much stronger there (due to proximity to equator), and you get burned quickly. I NEVER put on sunscreen in the US. I thought I’d do the same there. I spent about 4-5 hours in an uncovered pool and burned the top of my head so badly, I had migraines for a couple of weeks.

    You can get a nice tan, even if using sunscreen. And it only takes about 60-90 minutes at a time. I would not lay out in that sun for more than that.

  4. Kristina L says:

    A lot of people don’t really understand the SPF rating on sunscreen. They think SPF 30 should be twice the protection of SPF 15. The truth is: SPF 15 protects you from about 93% of UV rays and SPF 30 protects you from about 97% of UV rays. A 4% difference not a 50% difference. SPF 15 is perfectly suited to protect you from Costa Rican rays. More important that the SPF is how well you apply it. Make sure you apply it liberally, cover all exposed areas, and re-apply throughout the day. If you put it on properly, any of the SPFs will work well. If put it on poorly, none of them will work well.

    I always use SPF 15 (waterproof) sunscreen when I’m there and I’ve never had a problem with sunburns.

  5. Rosa says:

    You should probably check the weather, because I am pretty sure it is going to be raining most of July in Costa Rica. But anyway, I would probably use SPF 15 because it gives a great coverage without getting sun burnt. Definitely allows you to get tan without the pain. I am somewhat fair and I whenever I use SPF 30 I have to stay FOREVER in the sun to get a slight tan. However, it all depends on your body. Because I have an Irish friend who can’t use less than 70 without getting burnt. HAHA.

    Hope this helps?

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