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Animals in Costa Rica, and dangerous animals is Costa Rica?

Question by fabiocdc147: Animals in Costa Rica, and dangerous animals is Costa Rica?
going to nosara in February!!! I have heard it is pretty safe but i just want to know some of the wildlife i may see. Like what kind of monkeys and stuff. Do you see many monkeys and are they scared of humans? Are there armadillos there? Last i want to be aware of kinds of poisonous kinds of animals and bugs, including snakes, spiders, frogs, and flying things. I know most of you will say it is perfectly safe, but i just want to be prepared just in case, thanks!!!


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Answer by el loco
The most dangerous are the ones with the guns, followed by the moskitos. Snakes and all other stuff exist but it isn’t relay dangerous except if you stand on them.

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  1. Kristina L says:

    The eyelash viper is located in Costa Rica. I’ve never seen one, but the last time I went hiking with a guide, he kept checking behind flowers before he’d let us get close because apparently they like to hide behind flowers to catch humming birds.

    They also have lots of poison dart frogs.

    Those are the only ones that I know about. The other poster has a good point about the mosquitoes though. They can carry disease (like Dengue) so be sure to use bug repellent all the time.

  2. guamigirl says:

    I know there is howler monkeys and the white faced monkeys. They are normally going to try to get away from you, don’t corner them and you should be fine. Yes there are armadillos. I also know there area lot of different scorpions, some of which might be dangerous although the one that climbed in my shirt didn’t do any more than leave something similar to a bee sting. There are many variety of poison dart frogs and the slime off the toads is bad also. If your going swimming watch out for the black sea urchins and there are many types of stinging jelly fish.

  3. LesCRNI says:

    If you don’t scare the monkeys they don’t scare you. In Costa Rica are six monkeys species: White Face Monkey, Spider Monkey, Titi Monkey, Squirrel Monkey, Howler Monkey and Night Monkey. The monkeys are very sympathetic.
    There are too many armadillos but they don’t scare the humans.

    The dangerous animals in Costa Rica are mosquitoes (called Zancudos), snakes, crocodiles, jaguars and sharks in the beaches.

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