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Q&A: i have book flight to san jose costa rica, where should I go?

Question by RideColorado: i have book flight to san jose costa rica, where should I go?
I would like to see volcanoes, beautiful beaches, and rain forests. going on may 31st.
would also like to plan a stop in nosara

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Answer by Sobrado
Generally in Costa Rica you would need about 2 or 3 weeks to realy see what the country has to offer… here is some things to consider.
– If you are only interested in tourist locations you should try to fly into Libera Airport in Guanacaste, there you would be 1 or 2 hrs away from most of the beaches and about 2 and a half hours away from the Arenal Volcano (MUST SEE).
nosara is a 30 minute flight away from either liberia or Tamarindo.
If you decide to fly into San Jose, fine but you should consider flying to the beach and to the volcano (aprox$ 100 each flight) (go to www.natureair.com or www.flysansa.com.
As for the rain forest, it is like an hour away from san jose and you can take a Day trip for about $ 100…

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  1. Buzz B says:

    I really liked Manuel Antonio. I stayed there a month, you can drive to Jaco beach, it’s nice too.

    up north is nice also I recommend the pacific coast.

  2. Pablo R says:

    I was in Costa Rica last year and also before I got there contact a professional company on the web, that help me with all recommendations about visiting the different places. I was two weeks and I visited the following places:

    San José (The Capital) for one night. First of all we visited the Arenal Volcano Area/Rainforest, on the way to Arenal we stoped at La Paz Waterfall Gardens and another volcano name Poás, also you can do canopy, hanging bridges, Hiking and etc. Then we move to Guanacaste province, there we went Tamarindo Area that is three hours from Nosara. Near you can go to the following beaches:
    Grande Beach, Junquilla Beach, Junquillal Beach, Conchal Beach, etc. The beaches are amazing, beautiful and breathtaking.

    Then we flew to Tortuguero Area, there you can find amazing canals, beaches and rainforests. At the end another night in San José, with all this I have tell you will be surround by beautiful views of Costa Rica.

  3. Adep says:

    You should go to Manuel antonio National park, also the beaches in Guanacaste are pretty beautiful i think there’s no beach like Conchal, there are only shells and there’s no Sand xD i hate the sand… xD well also you should visit Volcan Arenal and well

  4. Michael Orlich says:

    You could get some info about Costa Rica… at http://www.ticotraveler.com they have some great info stuff…. hope it woks for you…also they email is info@ticotraveler.com

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