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Question by pamcarter: Why is there no truthful info in MSM news that Americans aren’t informed about the 46 warships to Costa Rica?
The responses here are clueless, angry and bewildered as to why 46 warships and 7000 troops have been sent to Costa Rica or the “so f’n what” tea party response. Why don’t Americans want to know what is happening in their own country? Ignorance couldn’t really be that blissful.

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Answer by sound_of_the_silenced3
The US is just making sure that the drugs from Afghanistan make it into the US. CIA has got to make that money!

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Question by krute: Does anyone have any information about Costa Rica or Panama or suggest another retirement location?
If anyone can offer any information on Costa Rica, Panama, or another retirement destination (outside the U.S) it would be greatly appreciated. We would be interested in the following:
1) the cost of a modest place to live
2) Relative closeness to conveniences such as groceries, hospitals, banks, etc.
3) climate
4) proximity to the beach
5) overall cost of living
6) Approximate population of americans in that area
Any information given would be deeply appreciated. Thankyou!

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Answer by We Carried It All So Well…
I’ve been to Costa Rica, fire ants suck!

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Question by Paul B: What is the law in Costa Rica about finding treasure on state property? Like does the finder get to keep it?
or does the government of Costa Rica just confiscate it?


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Answer by JAN
Most countries have a split, it also counts if you have filed for the search and have spent great amounts of money and time.
It seems they change the rules to fit their greed and is hung up in court for a long time.

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August 23, 2011 @ 11:07 pm

Q&A: What are some cool things about Costa Rica?

Question by Taylor: What are some cool things about Costa Rica?
I currently live in Costa Rica, and my family is starting to have doubts about living here. I want to prove to them that living in Costa Rica is a wonderful experience. I have already taken them to many beaches and we have seen waterfalls. We have done a lot of the fun things like canopy tours, and whitewater rafting. But does anyone else know if there is any other things available?

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Answer by Gabrio
try this!

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Question by TomboyBecca: How many miles is it from Boca Raton, FL to Costa Rica? Can you tell me about Costa Rica?
I wanted to know what place is best to me for vacation, so I took a quiz and the result was Costa Rica. I want to go there for summer vacation one day, but I have one question. How many miles is it from Boca Raton, FL to Costa Rica? And can you tell me about Costa Rica?

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Answer by ticosland2008
The total distance from Miami, Fl to Costa Rica is 1,113 miles.
This is equivalent to 1,792 kilometers or 967 nautical miles. Since the distance between Boca and Miami is only about 41 miles, it is almost insignificant, but there you are. Of course we’re talking about flight distance. Driving distance is a totally different issue.
If you need more information about Costa Rica, visit the TicosLand website.

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Question by iceman4488: How many miles of coastline does the US have? How about compared to Costa Rica?
I’m looking for the total millage of the US – ocean costline and i like to see a comparsion vs. Costa Rica.

does anyone have these numbers or figures?

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Answer by DanE
The CIA World Factbook lists the land boundaries of the United States as 12,248
kilometers (7612 miles), and the coastline as 19,924 km (12,383 miles). These
numbers include all US territory.

Costa Rica
Coastline: 1,290 km

Definition: This entry gives the total length of the boundary between the land area (including islands) and the sea.

Source: CIA World Factbook – Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of April 17, 2007

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Question by ?&?: What all do you know about traveling to Costa Rica?
I’m in high school and my mom will pay for 1 big trip. There is a group going to Costa Rica next year and me and my friend are interested. My family doesn’t understand, they think I would enjoy Europe more. Anyways, the group would go river rafting, zip lining, hiking to the lava flows and snorkling. 10 days-$ 2200.

Anything you know about Costa Rica is greatly appriciated!

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Answer by Robert H
Seems like a lot of cash but I would definately say choose Costa rica over any place in Europe. That is if you like beautiful weather, beaches and fun activities and really no rules whatsoever.

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Blog About Costa Rica Reaches Out to Social Networking

San Jose, Costa Rica (PRWEB) January 15, 2009 –

The OHMCR blog has added the Facebook application to its site, which will allow the social network’s members to add OHMCR as a contact and keep up to date with current travel information about Costa Rica.

The website allows its visitors and members to be informed of special travel promotions to Costa Rica such as American Airlines’ Economy Super Saver fare. OHMCR has included an American Airlines banner that will link directly to the airline’s website and allow users to browse through flight availability and current promotions. American Airlines’ Economy Super Saver fare to the Caribbean and Latin America has allowed hundreds of people to travel to Costa Rica on a convenient budget.

“Social networking has proven to be one of the strongest promotional tools for any online business and we wanted to be a part of that phenomenon. By including the OHMCR blog to Facebook, we seek to build an interactive community of travelers as well as all those interested in Costa Rica,” said Melvin Pereira, OHMCR blog’s creator.

Mr. Pereira went on to mention that the blog will remain alert to all special deals and promotions that will allow travelers to keep informed and be able to make the most suitable decision when planning their trip or looking for hotels in Costa Rica.

The OHMCR blog (] is updated on a daily basis and delivers information regarding Costa Rica hotels, tours, attractions, adventure activities, biodiversity, ecotourism, rural tourism as well as current affairs.

OHMCR is a privately owned website which displays unique content presented in an informative approach. The OHMCR website is intended to be a source of daily information for travelers, travel agents, investors, students and people looking to relocate in Costa Rica.


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February 17, 2011 @ 5:00 am

About Fishing Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the ideal tropical paradise for your dream vacation. Any tourist can enjoy here the pristine beaches and see the wonderful whales and dolphins play in tune with the music of water. There is a great variety of exotic wildlife and tropical plants here for the Nature lovers. You could find Butterflies and orchids, crocodiles and sharks, turtles and Toucans´ are everywhere. Costa Rica rainforest which covers the mountains are a paradise for eco tourist

January 10, 2011 @ 3:35 pm

What is the best question about Costa Rica?

Question by Bea: What is the best question about Costa Rica?
Like a trivia or something. I have to do this project where the front page must be a question that relates to Costa Rica. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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Answer by Erik N
Throw something in about “Pura Vida” — it’s a saying that Ticos (Costa Ricans) love to use. It’s hard to translate, but it is something along the lines of “relax, everything is alright, don’t worry about anything, life is good”. Many people use it as a greeting or to end a conversation — think of it like aloha in Hawaii.

I would also pick something about Costa Rica’s environmental conservation efforts. It’s a huge part of what this country is about.

->25% of the land in Costa Rica is protected.

Costa Rica also has a female president currently, and has no army so it is neutral in all military conflicts (like switzerland)

Pura Vida is really something that is a part of culture here. I’d recommend that.

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Between one and two million tourists visit Costa Rica each year. What draws so many people to this lightly advertised destination?  Natural beauty and diversity are the answers. Costa Rica covers only 0.03% of the surface of the planet but it has about 6% of the world’s biodiversity.

Visitors encounter seas, beaches, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, and an abundance of flora and fauna. Twelve major life zones provide habitat for over 10,000 kinds of flowering plants, 850 bird species, 3,000 butterfly species, and 209 species of mammals. Volcanoes, rainforests, cloud forests, lowland jungles, the Pacific coastline, and tranquil Caribbean beaches stretch across seven provinces. Thirty percent of the land is protected by national and private reserves, which harbor more than five percent of the world’s plant and animal species.

Costa Rica is Central America’s jewel. It’s an oasis of calm among its turbulent neighbors and an ecotourism heaven, making it one of the best places to experience the tropics with minimal impact.

Costa Rica boasts 20 national parks, 8 biological reserves, and a wealth of other protected areas to enchant those who marvel at the wonders of nature. It draws ecotourists from around the globe. Activities include horse-back riding, hiking mountainous paths in the cloud forests, guided bird-watching tours, volcanoes, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, canopy tours, golf and much more.

Ticos, as the people of Costa Rica are known, are famous for being hospitable, and are quite happy to live up to their reputation. They seem to be well aware that their country is a special place, and they go out of their way to accommodate their visitors, explaining things that might seem foreign to a foreigner, and helping make their stay as enjoyable as possible.

Northwest Costa Rica, the Guanacaste province is for the active soul, drawing visitors with its beaches, rivers, waterfalls and natural attractions. Forming the eastern border is a group of volcanoes that form the Cordillera de Guanacaste and Cordillera de Tilarán.

From the mountains flow various rivers that roll down and form an alluvial plain drained by the Rio Tempisque, which empties into the Gulf de Nicoya. The name Guanacaste is derived from quahnacaztlan, a native word for the guanacaste tree, which is Costa Rica’s national tree.

With a new airport at Liberia, tourism to Guanacaste has boomed.

Costa Rica is a tropical country with two seasons – dry and wet. The Guanacaste Province is the driest region of the country with less than 55 inches of rain in the coastal areas.

Costa Rica occupies a territory of around 20,000 square miles in the southern part of Central America, and includes several small islands mostly on the Pacific side. It is much like the state of Florida with two long coastlines. The country is only about 200 miles long and 70 miles wide at the narrowest part.

Costa Rica is often compared to Switzerland and Hawaii because of its mountains and forests. Unlike many areas of Mexico, Central and South America, Costa Rica remains beautiful year-round. This is partly because it borders the Pacific Ocean on the west, the Atlantic Ocean on the east, and has a string of towering volcanoes on the Central Plateau. Combine all this and you have a unique tropical paradise with 11 climatic zones.

The high season in Costa Rica, December through April, is the dry season. The green season, which lasts from May to November, usually sees sunny mornings, with rain showers in late afternoon and evening. Overall, the climate is tropical, with an average temperature of 72°F (22°C). It can be much hotter along the coastal areas of the country, and much cooler in the mountains.

In the past, agricultural exports, like bananas and coffee, have been the staple of the Costa Rican economy. However, tourism has always played an ever-increasing role, and now it has become the dominant economic force. Ecotourism travel is the most preferred for expansion because it will provide a sustainable resource for tourism for generations of Costa Ricans to come. Costa Ricans love to show off their country, and sincerely welcome all travelers and vacationers.

San Jose, population over one million, is the capital and cultural heart of Costa Rica. Other major cities (by population) are: Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia, Liberia, Limón and Puntarenas.
To enter the country you now must have a valid passport. Some countries now require your passport to be valid for at least 6 more months in order to leave your country to come here. Check with you embassy or airline. Costa Rica is on Central Standard Time, six hours behind Greenwich Mean Time and one hour behind EST in the States. It does not currently use daylight saving time.

No shots are required. The water in the major cities of Costa Rica is safe and most hotels and restaurants offer purified tap water. You might prefer to drink bottled water or seltzer to be sure. Costa Rica has excellent, low-cost medical care and well-qualified practitioners. Many North Americans come to Costa Rica for cosmetic surgery or dental work.

Costa Rica is a safe destination for 99% of its tourists, but it’s always a good idea to exercise caution whenever one travels. In general, the country has a low crime rate. In most cases, crimes are simple thievery – non-violent crimes of opportunity, so just exercise caution, as anywhere in the world.

Costa Rica has a reputation as one of the most stable and prosperous Latin American countries.

Costa Rica has something for everybody!  Whatever your interests; eco-tourism trips bird watching, adventure tours, fishing, diving, rafting, canopy tours, golf, all inclusive hotels, vacation homes or just relaxing on an unspoiled tropical beach, you will find all of that and more in this tropical and secure paradise.

We traveled to Costa Rica on vacation in 2001. Fell in love with the people and their country. Purchased property on the last day of our vacation and built a vacation villa. Specializing in vacation accommodations, all inclusive and self catering available all of which are surrounded by Costa Rica’s biodiversity. Find more useful information about Costa Rica by visiting our web sites.

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