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Question by Rachael H: What is the difference between birthdays in Costa Rica and birthdays in the united sates?
Like such as the difference between United states birthday parties and costa rica birthday parties. like dancing cakes speeches……..ect.

Best answer:

Answer by ?Curious Fairy?
I’m from Costa Rica and I live in the U.S. now.
How they celebrate b-days in Costa, depends on the family, really. Most people will throw in a party for their kids with cake, ice cream, music, food… some partents hold parties at McDonald’s or other fast food restaurant.
As they get older the kids may not want all that and just want to go to the movies with friends.
Instead of a ‘sweet sixteen’, in Costa Rica (like in the rest of Latin America) they celebrate a “Quinceañera” (when the girl turns 15). And it could be a BIG party like the ones they have here in the U.S., with music, all dressed up, lots of food, etc; some girls would rather ask their parents for a trip to the beach or something.
Older people hardly ever celebrate their bithday. If they do is only with a few friends and family, most people I know like going to the movies or eat out, instead of having a party.

Like I said, it depends on the family and the personal taste…

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January 10, 2011 @ 6:20 am

Enjoy The Difference In Nosara Vacation Rental

Plenty of vacationers these days prefer rentals like nosara vacation rental to a typical hotel. It is certainly interesting to know why people do so. Apart from value for money, vacation rentals probably offer something intangible that hotels do not.

About Vacation Rental

Simply put, vacation rental refers to renting out a furnished house or an apartment for travelers who are out on a vacation for a short duration. Here is an important point to remember though. A vacation rental is not to be confused with timeshare. Timeshares are ownership properties, usually resort condominiums where multiple parties have rights to use the property. Then again, a timeshare owner can rent out his allotted duration as vacation rental.

What Makes Vacation Rentals Click

People find furnished accommodations like nosara vacation rental offering great value for money. You have more room, more amenities and an ambience that beats anything that even the best hotels offer. In fact, vacation rentals have always been very popular in Europe and now people in the US seem to have caught fancy too. Tourists have fully equipped kitchens that allow them to cook their own meals, a great facility that saves money as compared to expensive restaurants. In addition, vacation rentals provide larger living spaces allowing tourists to travel in groups thus saving on lodging costs. However, you have some cons too. Vacation rentals are self-service accommodations. Unlike in hotels, you have no room service, no daily room cleaning service and no caretakers. Yet the benefits outweigh the trade offs.  If you have a look at what nosara vacation rental offers you will understand why.  For example, Nosara Vacation Rentals can offer you a large bedroom with a king-sized bed, a large living room, more than one bathroom, a well-equipped kitchen, a washer cum drier and an outdoor portico with a garden — all your own. Compare these amenities with what even a good hotel offers. You do have a bedroom, but only with a mini-kitchen equipped with just a refrigerator and a coffee maker. You also have a television and access to the hotel’s swimming pool and fitness center. Just contrast the prices. For a fixed duration, the cost per head in a vacation rental can very well be one third of what a hotel charges. It could be even less. Again, cost is not the only factor. Vacation rentals offer certain intangible benefits. You have more space, more privacy, convenient locations and more comforts that defy valuations. The choices for today’s traveler are enormous. You have vacation rentals suiting all budgets. From studio apartments to large expensive villas at exotic locations, the choices are just numerous.

The growth in vacation rentals has been phenomenal. Consumers have now become choosy and they know what to look for. With the needs of travelers diversifying, vacation rental business is maturing too. A close look at nosara vacation rental will show how villa rentals have worked hard to satisfy the discerning traveler. Whether you are travelling in groups, as a family or with a partner, self-catering rentals like costa rica nosara vacation rental are here to stay. The likes of Nosara vacation rental have created a niche that will keep on evolving to provide better quality stays and better value for money for the traveler who is looking for something different from the staid run of the mill hotel.  

Nosara, Costa Rica with three air-conditioned bedrooms, a large kitchen, and a seven-foot eat-in island and a private pool is an ideal vacation rental amidst acres of jungles. To know more about a Nosara vacation rental visit the given link

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