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Question by Jennifer P: Can anyone tell me from personal experience what Costa Rica is like?
My family and I would like to visit Costa Rica, possible retire there in 5 years. Can anyone tell me what its really like, not just what we read in brochures? Do you have to speak Spanish or can we get along ok with just english? Crime? Economy?

Best answer:

Answer by mora
It really depends on where you live, there are many very nice towns and there are other places that really aren’t so nice (but they are completely avoidable). You don’t need to speak Spanish to live here, it would obviously help but you will see that everyone will make try their best to communicate with you in your language because that’s how people here are. In certain areas of Costa Rica there is alot of crime, specially in certain areas of San Jose like “La Carpio” or “Leon XIII”, ive lived here ever since i was born and i havent ever been to any of these two places or any other place that’s considered just as dangerous, you can avoid them and as long as you do nothing will happen.
There are a lot of very safe towns like Escazu, Santa Ana, Rohmoser, Cuidad Colon all of these are nice places to live too (close to malls, hospitals, etc). Regarding the economy, well Costa Rica is a country has been developing at a very fast rate, if you go around the city you will see many many tall buildings being built, many new roads too, the economy is at a constant growth and its a very popular country for international companies to invest because of the high level of education people have here. Obviously the worldwide economical crisis has affected the country but everything seems to be moving normally. Costa Rica is one of the few countries in the world that fit in the category of “second world” country, because it has many things that put it in the category of a first world country but there are certain things that are keeping us from being one. Health care is also very good here, proof of that is the fact that we have one of the highest life expectancies in the whole world, much higher than many so called first world countries.
Overall i think this is a very nice place to live, i honestly wouldn’t change it for nothing. The people, the weather, the beaches, the mountains and everything else that makes Costa Rica be Costa Rica make this an amazing place to be at. It has is negative sides like every country, but most of them are things that you can stay away from. My ex girlfriend is from michigan and she moved down here 1 year ago and she absolutely loves it, she won’t ever go back to living in the US…
So, if you are planning on moving here. You might probably want to come first for a visit and see for yourself the place you would be living at. But i’m sure that once you move down here after picking the right place, you wont be disappointed and you wont ever want to leave!
That’s my opinion as a costarrican and a person who has experience living in other countries (US, Canada, Spain).
Hope that helps you decide :)

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Costa Rica tours are an opportunity to explore and take advantage of the many varied experiences that Costa Rica has to offer. Most of these are day tours that let you sample the great diversity of activities available in this multi-faceted country.

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A canopy tour gives an exhilarating experience, to soar through the treetops of the forest. Understood to have been originally created by two Canadians who moved


You will surely have a ball in adventuresome Costa Rica, just about all for you to do is go for it. A Costa Rica Vacation is known as a place where anyone will surely have fun, those people ready to venture out for a bit of adventure and those that favor a more straight forward holiday. For anyone who is of the


Beacon Escazú Boutique Hotel Announces ‘Experience Costa Rica’ Packages

Pura Vida Package

Miami Beach, FL (Vocus) March 31, 2010

Leaders amongst hotels in Costa Rica, the management of the Beacon Escazú boutique hotel announced today the launch of the “Experience Costa Rica” packages designed for travelers who wish to experience the best that Costa Rica has to offer. Each package has been crafted to offer a unique cultural, gastronomic, eco touristic or relaxing experience.

“Pura Vida” package which means ‘pure life’ when translated into English, combines an arrangement of memorable eco-adventure experiences. “Taste of Costa Rica” provides a timeless glance of the Costa Rican culture and taste, the “Calma” package is designed to help guests become blissfully relaxed, and the “Endless Love” package has been crafted to provide intimacy and relaxation.

“We have given each package a unique name that foretells the experience that it is designed to offer” said Dario Morales, general manager. “We want our guests to discover a land of beauty, go on a journey, notice the little splendors, and fall in love with Costa Rica”.

The packages will become available starting April 15th, 2010 and will be bookable through the hotel’s reservation line at 1-866-978-6168 or through the hotel’s web site at

Nestled on the hillsides overlooking Costa Rica’s mountainous terrains the Beacon Escazú Boutique Hotel was designed to preserve the Spanish colonial style architecture that characterizes the town of Escazú, meanwhile incorporating modern décor and evoking a sense of rest and relaxation.

A leader amongst hotels in Costa Rica this four star luxury boutique property features a full service gourmet restaurant and bar, a wine cellar, cigar room, and lounge area. Additionally, guests can relax at the onsite spa or the terrace overlooking the lush gardens. Business travelers can stay connected through complimentary high-speed Internet access, full service business center and meeting facilities. Meanwhile leisure and eco-tourism travelers can go on adventures that delve into the rich culture and bio-diversity that Costa Rica has to offer.

A dedicated hotel team will cater to the spoken and unspoken needs and desires of hotel guests and will provide a secure and friendly environment.



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