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September 22, 2011 @ 4:00 am

Guatemala Sailfish hail from Costa Rica

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There has been much debate in recent years concerning the policies relative to commercial fishing and sportfishing in Central America – and in particular detrimental effects of Costa Rica policy on Guatemala fishing and sportfishing for sailfish.

Learned and experienced anglers, experts and academics strongly assert that the commercial and sportfishing business in the region are at risk of continued substantial


Question by heja1319: I am going to Guatemala and Costa Rica to a resort do I need any shots?
We will be in northwestern Costa Rica and Antigua Guatemala in early August.
We will be at a resort for both places, do we need any Malaria shots or anything?

Best answer:

Answer by DanY
the first answer exaggerates SO MUCH!!!
and no you dont need shots, well atleast fer costa rica, just a bottle of bug spray, which u can buy here.
chillax and have fun.

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