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Question by Happymom13: Should I book a tour in Costa Rica or just make the plans myself?
My family (2 adults, 2 young kids) is considering a vacation in Costa Rica. The rainforest is calling out to us — and maybe the Pacific coast too. We’d like to hike in the forest, try a zip line, a canopy tour, see some waterfalls, monkeys, butterflies, and maybe even a volcano. Is it better to plan things myself (and rent a car) or just go with a tour?

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Answer by J W
I did a study abroad program in Costa Rica this summer. Throughout the summer I did a lot of tours and traveling. I would recommend going on a tour. It is a easier, safer way to go. Traveling without a company to go through is difficult once you get out of San Jose. Also, if you go with a company they will give you more discounts.

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