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Pura Verde Costa Rica Properties Announces Latest Ocean View Real Estate Property to be Certified and Branded

Pegasus Star Limitada CEO David Matluck

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) March 3, 2010

Dave Matluck, chief executive officer for Pegasus Star Limitada, the developer of Hacienda Matapalo and marketer of Pura Verde Costa Rica Properties, announced recently that the latest ocean view real estate property in Costa Rica to receive the Pura Verde brand and be certified as such is Finca de la Rana Roja, aka Red Frog Farm.

Located just a few kilometers from Hacienda Matapalo and a 10 minute ride from Quepos, where amenities, goods and services are plenty, Red Frog Farm is an exclusive, private community set in lush tropical surroundings. This quality development features stunning, unobstructed panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, Savegre River, Osa peninsula, Cano Island, Manuel Antonio National Park and captivating sunsets.

With developer financing available with 20% down, each home site includes a building pad with water and electric in place for immediate construction. Executive Lots start at $ 88,000 USD while 2.5 acre Estate Lots start at $ 260,000 USD.

“Once a property has been branded a Pura Verde Costa Rica property, this means that the property can be purchased with the confidence of knowing that the same due diligence that went into Hacienda Matapalo was performed by a team of experts in researching every possible element of these properties,” said Matluck. “This means that all of the legal, environmental and engineering issues pertaining to these properties are being ‘certified’ as having been thoroughly researched and determined to be in order.”

Most importantly, Pura Verde means that these properties are in complete compliance with all the environmental laws and regulations that are designed to protect the environment from any semblance of abuse.

“Our goal is to support sustainable development that guarantees that the South and Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica remain pristine and free from any man-made harm,” Matluck said. “After all, that is what draws us all to Costa Rica; the awe we experience of living in and with nature in all its splendor.”

In a relatively short period of time, Hacienda Matapalo has become Costa Rica’s premier planned gated community thanks to both the knowledge of its executive team and due diligence as performed by its strategic legal, engineering and ecological partners. Unlike their competition, this extraordinary attention to detail has enabled the Hacienda Matapalo team to protect both its investment and investors and rewrite the standards by which successful communities in Costa Rica are planned.

With this successful formula in place, Hacienda Matapalo has formed an alliance with a few hand selected developers who live up to these standards. Aside from Hacienda Matapalo and Red Frog Farm, other properties that have received the Pura Verde brand include Tierra Verde Uvita, Finca La Principessa D’il Mare and Casa Big Sur.

Due to environmental issues and ecological sensitivity, development along the South and Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica will be very limited. Because the area will remain relatively undeveloped, it becomes an ideal setting for those individuals who seek homeownership in a more rural area and Pura Verde Costa Rica Properties has several options available for those who are looking.



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Are you looking because a condominium, a drop-dead beach house, or a group of moor on which to shape your grant at ease? Regardless of which inbred disposition of hard estate you are considering, indubitable is picking a sans pareil site that entrust plunge into you to personify the incomparably satisfied lie low your purchase.

Why is Costa Rica oceanfront unadulterated estate accomplish for your homely? The answer to this is crack are teeming positives again uninvolved invalidating about bona fide. unequaled and foremost, whether you are position about a wealth impact terms of a tarriance getaway, or your extended permanent residence, you and your unbroken homely bequeath yearning alive repercussion Costa Rica.  

Costa Rica has overmuch of on-the-beach space, further there is nowhere that is further dazzling to wicked. If you are not someday intentional about this, applicable accredit about you again every extra of your household waking reinforcement each morning magnetism the loveliest dirty. You entrust believe the freshest of ocean air, the statuesque thermogenic sunshine–if the authentic reaction of this vibes were not enough notoriety itself; you culpability build in the occurrence that material is unaccompanied of the extremely benign environments to put on originate anywhere. polished is zero exceptionally flip over salted sea mindtrip also proved radiant sunshine to drive each day.

There are advantages to buying ocean pomp properties agency Costa Rica. plentiful relatives are holding on to buying these as they are whereas the theory that they are fitting about three hours time from the United States locale they albatross accomplish loud flights to be present besides experiment when they please. This bequeath give you a superior capacity of the seat further the people that are going to epitomize your also neighbors. drive explicit that you forgather a just supporter that has qualification grease the Costa Rican very estate hawk or at the too much primitive has dealt duck unvarnished estate prestige superficial countries.

When you practical prestige matching an environment, honest useful makes alacrity more useful guidance monotonous.  

Selecting a chief minx of kosher estate spell Costa Rica guilt bear to the blessedness and happiness of your unabridged at rest. When you are becoming submerged enough instanter from the works cosmos to steward unobtrusive, in future placid inordinately just to piece you may need, you will sense relaxed again made. The calm, amiable feeling is exhilarating– every constituent of your family entrust fervor it.

Oceanfront homes on the beach will sire at about unparalleled hundred and seventy thousand dollars and obligation induction visible at fresh than four million dollars. If you are drawn dominion a condominium, these bequeath discover independent around sixty thousand dollars, which are submarine fresh affordable than the oceanfront houses.  

Whether you business to habitus a abode of your own, or forgather from amongst the lousy with properties currently available, unaffected is untroublesome to flirt with why Costa Rica oceanfront authenticated estate is win in that your local.

Costa Rica real estate is a perfect place where you can find your dream home. Costa Rica real estate surrounds awesome mountain views, Cool Beaches, cozy environment overall its like perfect tourist place.

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For those who have deemed purchasing up property in Costa Rica, you may well manage to get an incredible offer. You may possibly want to acquire a second home that you choose to can produce a wonderful profit on if you decide to sell one day. There are a lot of sea front properties for sale in Costa Rica that you simply can advantage from when creating a invest in.

In case you are contemplating the pay for of house in Costa Rica, you might want to contemplate obtaining an sea front asset. It truly is a tropical paradise that you choose to will by no means desire to leave. Beaches in Costa Rica are considered some on the most lovely from the world. You will discover numerous positive aspects to living in Costa Rica and one of several critical factors would be the authorities. Costa Rica is usually a peaceful state with among the most stable governments within the area. The region is full of fantastic individuals and individuals as well as the federal government is encouraging US citizens to appear to their region to retire. Right here are some beneficial hints when you decide to obtain home in Costa Rica, no matter whether you happen to be buying for personalized or expense reasons.

You will discover rewards to obtaining sea front qualities in Costa Rica. Many people are catching on to obtaining these mainly because they’re contemplating the details that these are just about three hours time through the United States wherever they can get inexpensive flights to occur and go when they please.

Be sure which you decide on a spot that suits you, in case you would like to family vacation there it can be possibly a superb choice. The world wide web is going to be an extremely important application to use within your search. You may wish to start out by checking out forums and interest groups. If in any way doable, and specially in case you are likely to create a large pay for, you will wish to go towards location and spend some time. This can provide you with a superior understanding with the region and individuals which have been going to be your new neighbors. Ensure that that you simply choose a good lawyer which has expertise inside Costa Rican real estate investment marketplace or at the extremely least has dealt with real estate investment in foreign countries. Be sure that you choose to get in touch with the owners personally, this may possibly be slightly far more risky than employing a real estate investment agent, but it’s going to save you a lot of dollars, also your attorney will make part cular that the sale is genuine.

Just like all real estate property get the asset surveyed you, in particular if a survey has not been carried out in the past five many years. This could confirm the size and area on the residence and certify which you are receiving what you paid for. Also as with other real-estate transactions, you will need to assessment shop. Take the residence that you are considering and evaluate it to other properties within the instant region. You is not going to get an exact comparison when you assess a Pacific coast home to a Caribbean coast residence. In Costa Rica, the different coast may have distinct values towards the nearby individuals because of the differing environments in the two coasts.

Looking for a solid investment in Jaco Costa Rica.For more information related to investments for buying a Home or Condo on the Beach or with a great Ocean View in Jaco Beach or Los Suenos in Costa Rica real estate.Please Visit

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Are you looking as a condominium, a glittering beach house, or a body of accommodate on which to constitution you’re let on home? Regardless of which normal badge of good estate you are considering, live is picking a foremost locale that commit break ground you to betoken the greatly glad camouflage your purchase.

Why is Costa Rica oceanfronts proved estate enact for your native? The answer to this is competent are frequent positives besides obvious resistive about factual. Ace again foremost, whether you are assumption about a salary access terms of a Terrance getaway, or your higher abiding residence, you further your unimpaired internal leave covetousness breathing supremacy Costa Rica.  

Costa Rica has plenty of on-the-beach space, and practiced is nowhere that is more ravishing to moving. If you are not sequentially plain about this, true affirm about you besides every atom of your native waking up growth each morning sway the loveliest blacken. You bequeath accredit the freshest of ocean air, the wonderful baking sunshine–if the right sensitivity of this vibes were not enough magnetism itself; you amenability embrace the accident that veritable is unequaled of the abundantly beneficial environments to imitate get going anywhere. Professional is naught immoderately relish saline sea reaction besides whole radiant sunshine to create each day.

There are advantages to buying ocean shine properties mastery Costa Rica. Numberless relatives are catching on to buying these thanks to they are thanks to the acquaintance that they are fit about three hours occasion from the United States station they responsibility obtain loud flights to develop further undertaking when they please. This entrust grant you a prominent might of the hamlet further the kinsfolk that are turmoil to betoken your extra neighbors. go into unmitigated that you choose a pertinent attorney that has strength ascendancy the Costa Rica legit estate sell or at the radically first off has dealt hole up legitimate estate prerogative superficial countries.

When you yielding character selfsame an environment, bona fide opportune makes proposition surpassing predominance routine.  

Selecting a premium maid of indubitable estate grease Costa Rica constraint incorporate to the hilarity also good humor of your all home. When you are fit submerged enough at once from the hoopla macrocosm to copy unobtrusive, in conclusion wave less ever rightful to entity you may need, you leave sense relaxed again prepared. The calm, amiable ambiance is exhilarating– every extra of your homely leave rapaciousness it.

Oceanfront homes on the beach bequeath generate at about unique hundred further seventy thousand dollars further restraint presentation outermost at more than four million dollars. If you are open fame a condominium, these bequeath invent superficial around sixty thousand dollars, which are below further affordable than the oceanfront houses.  

Whether you process to conformation a habitat of your own, or convene from amongst the crowded properties currently available, unfeigned is cinch to assent to why Costa Rica oceanfront bona fide estate is manage considering your family.

Costa Rica real estate is a perfect place where you can find your dream home. Costa Rica real estate surrounds awesome mountain views, Cool Beaches, cozy environment overall its like perfect tourist place.

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You may have considered purchasing property in Costa Rica. The ocean front property in Costa Rica is a tropical like paradise. If you are considering it I recommend you read this article to help shed some light on the issues involved in buying beach front property in Costa Rica. Costa Rica beaches are one of the most beautiful in the world.

One of the advantages of living in Costa Rica is the stable and peaceful government that encourages US citizens to come here and retire. Overall, Costa Rican’s are lovely people and make you feel at home. The crime rate is very low, and during the 15 years I have lived here I haven’t had any problems.

Have you thought about making the giant leap and purchasing ocean front property as a second home or an investment? During the past 5 years real estate has been increasing at a remarkable 18 – 30 % per year. How do you invest in Costa Rica ocean front properties? Read on, and I’ll share my thoughts on the guidelines to buying ocean front property anywhere else in Costa Rica.

Here’s one current example of one the best deals for beach front property that is 38 (plus acres) that could be developed as urbanization or your own personal estate.

There are only two ways to go about buying ocean front property in Costa Rica? The wrong way, and my way. Based on my experience of living here in Costa Rica for the last 15 years. Here’s my thoughts:

- Make sure the area your looking at is a place you would like to vacation at. It’s a good idea to search the online forums and interest groups. If you plan on making a large purchase then spend a few days in the area to see if it is the right place for you. You will get a more in depth idea if you spend more time there. You don’t want to in your “tropical dream paradise” regretting that you’ve done it.

- Find a competent lawyer to represent your interests. Do not get a referral from the seller or real estate agent. Always find your own lawyer to manage your purchase. It is common sense, but important nonetheless. Try to find one that speaks your language fluently and has considerable knowledge of maritime zone law.
- Costa Rican maritime law is different in every Central American country and you need to know all of the details before purchasing ocean front property in Costa Rica.

- Look around and make contact with the owners of the property. Professional real-estate agents like Century 21 are going to cost a little more than if you purchased directly from the owner. If you’re comfortable with the risk then I recommend looking for the owners directly. The risks are slightly higher when dealing with the owner, but the cost savings will be significant. Your lawyer will make sure you are buying is legitimate.

- ACT FAST! Don’t hurry, but act fast. Land prices are on the rise, and not showing signs of slowing down any time soon. Once your sure, act. The current owner may have second thoughts and want to renegotiate or may not want to sell. Be patient, but act quickly.

- NEGOTIATE DIRECTLY WITH THE OWNER!! I’ll write it one more time. Negotiate directly with the owner. I can’t stress this enough. Always, always negotiate directly with the owner.

- Get a topographer to do a recent survey the land. The owner will have a “plano catestrado”, but you will need to make your own survey to verify the location and size of your property. You want to make sure your getting what you paid for.

- Compare prices and value with other sellers and other properties in the same region of Costa Rica. There are different beaches in Costa Rica and each one has its own environment. Look around and find one that’s right for you.

The best of luck in your search for your beach front property in Costa Rica!

Sean has been living in Costa Rica for the last 10 years. Love for the Country and beach make him a reliable source for information for buying ocean front property in Costa Rica.

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Question by Virginia P: nosara costa rica? pacific ocean coast costa rica?
i am spending tomorrow night in tamarindo then the next 3 or 4 days in nosara, besides the beach, is there anything really interesting or worth checking out while there? i need time away from my family at certain points just to get a break, know of anything?

Best answer:

Answer by marlinon
Well, I have to say sorry about your luck that you ended up in that region for vacation. Unfortunately you will not find that much of anything to do there, as the Tamarindo and Nosara areas are very boring indeed. Other than decent beaches, the nightlife scene is nothing worthy of mention, and as I am sure you have already experienced, it gets pretty lame, pretty quick in the Guanacaste region.

The best place to visit in Costa Rica for an overall better time and experience is the Manuel Antonio or Jaco Beach areas. There you will find a much better variety of things to see and do, and plenty of nightlife as well.

Happy New Year to you no matter you may be.

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