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Question by Meika: How much would a plane ticket cost from Olathe Kansas to Costa Rica?
I am wanting to move from Olathe, Kansas to Costa Rica and am wanting to know if anyone knows how much a one way flight ticket would be to there? It would be and my boyfriend going.
Any ideas, let me know!

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Answer by nako
The closest airport to Olathe with commercial service would be in Kansas City, Missouri (MCI) — however, without knowing when you’d want to fly and where in Costa Rica you want to move to, no one here can give you anything other than a guess as to the cost of a ticket. (The price of a one-way airline ticket will depend on a couple of factors — the city to which you’re flying and when you’re flying.)

As an example, the cheapest one-way ticket right now between Kansas City and San Jose, Costa Rica is about $ 250 plus tax, which will work out to between $ 300 and $ 350 per ticket after tax. However, if that particular fare (on Frontier Airlines) is not available on the days you wish to travel, or you want to go to a different city in Costa Rica (such as Liberia), then the price could well be higher or lower than that.

Once you’ve figured out when you want to go, the best thing you can do is to go to a travel website (such as,,, or and search for one-way tickets between Kansas City and the airport in Costa Rica you wish to fly to. Those websites will give you a more exact total as to the cost of the ticket than anyone here can do for you.

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