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September 12, 2011 @ 4:00 am

how many people visit Costa Rica in a year?

Question by Spottedpelt: how many people visit Costa Rica in a year?
Hi, I need to know how many people visit Costa Rica in a year for a project. I tried to google it, but I didn’t find any thing that might help me.

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Answer by mora
A little over 2 million people visit Costa Rica per year, per capita its the country who recieves the most tourists in Latin America.

Edit: Hernan you pretty dumb if not the dumbest person i’ve met.

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People who Live in Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones in the Costa Rica RainForest

Fort Lauderdale, Fl (PRWEB) September 25, 2008

Hacienda Matapalo has just released the Crystal House enabling a 360 view of the Rain Forest and an ongoing peek of your nearest neighborly visitors including several types of monkeys, Blue Morpho Butterflies, and numerous species of birds

The Crystal House was designed by award winning architect Miguel Wong, and provides the best that Costa Rica Real Estate has to offer. Located in the Pre-Construction Resort style community of Hacienda Matapalo, the Crystal House is surrounded by the sanctuary of a private 125 acre nature preserve, waterfalls, and is located near the Beach Club, Clubhouse, Equestrian Center, Retail Center, and of course, the Pacific Ocean.

Hacienda Matapalo is the best selling development in Costa Rica, and has been featured by International Living Magazine, Newsweek, and will be featured in the November issue of Smart Money Magazine as one of the leading Eco friendly projects in the Costa Rica Real Estate environment. Location has been the key to success in determining where to build the best project in Costa Rica, and the choice of “where the mountains meet the sea” has proven to be the best location in the Costa Rica Real Estate marketplace, as evidenced by the $ 40 million dollars in sales by this Developer in the first year. Having frontage on the Pacific Coast Highway (Castanera), and proximity to a new 80,000 SF hospital, and a soon to be constructed International Airport has added substantial value to the location factor of success of this project.

Living in the Crystal House, one is reminded of being part of the environment and ecofriendly culture that is Costa Rica, and the ambiance of the Crystal House illustrates quite clearly that this may be the best opportunity in Costa Rica Real Estate. The other proverb that alludes to the Crystal House is “Having ones cake…” Imagine being able to use an

IRA/401k to purchase a dream of Costa Rica Real Estate? The developers of Hacienda Matapalo have coordinated an investment vehicle that drives you to ownership of the Crystal House in a tax sheltered investment that appreciates from the moment you place your deposit.

Remember, “People who live in Glass Houses…”


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Question by Yoselyn: What is the name of the satellite people use in Costa Rica?
We are moving to Costa Rica, and we need to know what is the name of the satellite they use in Costa Rica! (in outer space). Any websites, info, or etc would be really appreciated.

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Answer by laurahal42
To do what? TV? Radio? Internet?

Addendum: Why not ask locally when you get there? Check with the local expat community. The Tico Times folks should be able to point you in the right direction. There is terrestrial over-the-air tv and cable; there are about 10 channels on the air in San Jose (I took a small portable tv with me the last time I was there), and Cabletica provides about 50 channels on cable.

You could also look up “costa rica satellite television” in a search engine. Why are the results not useful to you?

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Costa Rica Property Cites Tourism Trends as Indicator People are Ready to Buy Again

You can utilize your 401K or IRA to purchase property in Costa Rica

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) October 8, 2010

For the second straight quarter, tourism revenues in Costa Rica have increased compared to their trends in 2009 and according to executives at Hacienda Matapalo, the most sought after gated community on the country’s South Pacific coast, it indicates that travelers are once again interested in investing in and purchasing property there.

“The increase in the number of interested parties has been significant,” said Brian Albury, Hacienda Matapalo’s executive vice president. “The number of potential buyers and investors who have visited our onsite sales office for the most part matches what the increase in tourism has been, except we’re getting a lot more inquiries for long term investments than we are for immediate occupancy – and that means people are putting their trust in Costa Rica.”

During the second quarter of this year, tourism revenues totaled nearly $ 468 million, representing a 14% increase over the first quarter of 2009. This comes on the heels of a comparative first quarter increase of 18% over to the same period last year.

“Compared to last year, this quarter we’ve seen an increase in visitors of about 15%,” said Albury, “with last quarter being just shy of 20%. So when I see the numbers trending up like that, it’s a strong indication that investors and buyers are once again looking at the opportunities presented on Costa Rica’s South Pacific coast.”

Another indicator in the recovery trend is that employment in the hospitality industry (restaurants and hotels) increased by 7% during the second quarter over the same period last year and more than 4% during the first quarter of 2010 compared to the same period in 2009.

All this follows recent announcements that indicate consumer confidence in Costa Rica as an investment option has strengthened. Last month, when Moody’s Investors Service announced that Costa Rica’s credit rating had been upgraded from speculative to stable, Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla said the country would take advantage of the new investment-grade credit rating to sell bonds, citing economic growth as companies make investments in the country.

“The tourism announcement in many ways echoes the credit rating one,” Albury explained, pointing out that both show confidence that people are ready to buy again. “Confidence, comfort and trust are very important factors in the decision making process when you’re talking about this type of purchase or investment,” he said, “and when you have all three you’re ready to make the deal.”

To help potential buyers and investors make that final decision, Hacienda Matapalo will be holding an online seminar that will compare Costa Rica with neighbor countries like Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama and Mexico. The Wednesday, October 13, presentation will be a no-holds-barred look at Costa Rica, comparing it to other locations in order to see if it really is the best place for purchasing and investing in real estate.

Free and open to the general public, the Web-based seminar will examine various locations throughout Latin America on a variety of topics ranging from political and financial structures to the quality of life and the people who live there.

Albury, who will be conducting the eSeminar, said the primary goal will be to correct the misconceptions about the region and to provide people with information on the various countries that is both accurate and unbiased. “People need the correct information so they can make intelligent decisions that are in their own best interests,” he explained.

The free eSeminar is scheduled for a 6 p.m. Eastern Time start and may be registered for here.

To learn more about Costa Rica and Hacienda Matapalo, visit

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off Debuts with Fun Events for the Fun People in Their Late 40s, and UP

Pound Ridge, NY (PRWEB) October 9, 2010

Active events for adults is what the newly debuted is all about. Twifties are the fun people in their late 40s, and up. Twifties can sign up on the site for the email party list and be notified of upcoming events.

October 17, Sunday, will be the Catamount Adventure Party for Twifties. All (over age 8) are invited to come to Catamount Resort in the Berkshire Mountains, Hillsdale, NY, on the Massachusetts/NY line. The group will meet to spend a few hours adventuring on the rope courses and zip lines. An optional box lunch will be served at a discounted price of $ 5 in the tavern afterwards. The rope course will be $ 41 for ages 12+, $ 30 for ages 11-12 and $ 24 for ages 8-9.

Meet at 10:45 at the Adventure Desk in the main lodge. If there is light rain the event will happen. Heavy rain postpones to the following Sunday, Oct. 24. Please r.s.v.p to Lauren(at)Twifties(dot)com by midnight Saturday October 16. Full details on the Twifties Catamount Adventure Party are at

Coming in February is the Twifties Trip to Nosara, Costa Rica, for sun, surf, dancing, and yoga. Unlike other travel groups people travel in their own style with Twifties. Come down when and how you like, and stay where you like. Twifties will get together daily for an activity. Then travelers can spend time at their own speed, in activities with new Twifties activity companions, alone, or with their own travel companions. The idea is that the Twifties activities unfold organically.

“An open format is the way I like to travel and it works great, so I want to bring this wisdom to our Twifties Activities,” says Twifties founder Lauren Traub Teton. “Twifties activities are for independent travelers who might have gone to these places anyway, but just needed a little encouragement or some people to do things with to seal the deal.”

A Twifties day hike of the Appalachian Trail in Vernon, NJ was the latest Twifties event. It was a Twifties “Instant Event” that came up with very little planning, and those who knew about it and were available participated. A small group had a fantastic time hiking on a beautiful day, with even a little bit of unexpected adventure when a hiker from the group overshot the turnoff for the overlook and continued down the trail. A search party went after her and all were reunited. Beth Nolan, of BN Yoga led the group in some impromptu “Yoga Anywhere” in the woods and all descended the Wawayanda Mountain range stretched, refreshed, and grounded after the hike.

The video of the hike is at

Twifties.TV has over 50 entertaining videos of what Twifties do for fun, made by Ms. Teton. “We reached the thrilling milestone of 100,000 viewers for our videos last week!” says Ms. Teton. Our viewers solidly prove our demographic, with 50% over age 45 and 70% over age 35. 75% of our viewers watched the Oasis of the Seas preview videos, so it makes sense to assume they are an affluent market with disposal income.”

“The point of the Twifties movement is for the fun people close to 50 and up to regain their power and know that it’s ok, even therapeutic to have fun. Why are only 5% of advertising dollars directed at the group that controls over half of consumer spending? Apparently we are invisible. My mission is to make the aspirational lifestyle of a vibrant group of happy people show up on the radar screen, for the betterment of all,” says Ms. Teton.



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It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is nothing more beautiful than viewing the the Pacific Ocean Coast of Costa Rica. Costa Rica beach properties is a 630 mile coastline that features many bays, coves, and inlets that give the coastline its distinctive features. The famous Jaco Beach attracts many tourist to Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.

One thing for sure there is so much to do for tourist and locales. Hiking at Corvocado National Park and enjoying horseback riding at Rincon de Oso. Those staying on the mid Pacific coast of Costa Rica will have the chance to experience the adventure ATV tours at Quepos-Manual Antonio and the historical areas of Putaraenas. Imagine lying in the sun in Guanacaste on the northern coast which is home to some of the most exquisite Costa Rica beach property. Hermosa, Tamarindo, Nosara and Flamingo beaches are all prime locations. The amenities alone will ensure you of a good time on the Costa Rica Pacific coast.

One of the many great things about Costa Rica is that the Costa Rica economy is benefiting greatly from investors. Since Costa Rica is a real estate hotspot the Costa Rican government is permitting acres of Costa Rica land to be sold. The region is where a majority of the Costa Rica beach properties are currently located. This region is more developed than the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean coastline. Whether it’s for business or pleasure when you visit the Pacific coast remember the best time to go is December through April. If you like the rainy season May through November would be ideal. The funny thing about the country is that it’s only the size of West Virginia.

About Paradise Brokers

Paradise Brokers is really making dream com true for many people. It has now become a full service real estate development and property management company. Paradise Brokers employs licensed real estate agents in all of their offices. Paradise Brokers has purchased over 2000 acres and brokered nearly 4000 acres. Investors can obtain developed land at underdeveloped prices in the South Pacific coastal region. Wow! “we didn’t create paradise, we made it accessible” says Nick Halverson Chief Operating officer. Paradise Brokers can also assist in making your travel, lodging and tourism arrangements plus provide transportation within Costa Rica to view your property. This lucrative program comes with 100% money back guarantee.


For more information contact 1-877 CRland 1, (1 877 275-2631) or in dominical, Costa Rica call 506 787-0181. You can get a free report at


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Mr. Halverson is co-founder and COO of Paradise Brokers. He and Mr. Gale have known each other for over 20 years and between the two of them oversee all company operations. Nick spent 10 years doing marketing work for several businesses in international development (Australia, New Zealand), investment banking and sports marketing where he worked with clients such as Wal-Mart, BP-Amoco, Kellogg’s and Fujifilm. Nick earned his MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and his BS in Applied Economics and Management from Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)

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