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Question by OuiOuiChica17: Where are the up and coming places to buy real estate in Costa Rica?
Costa Rica seems to be the hot spot to buy in. Do you think the market has topped out? If no, where are the good places that are real up and coming where I should invest?

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Answer by The Computer Genius
wow there are many places to buy in costa rica one of my clients is a real estate agency and they have Houses near San Jose, some projects in the beaches, and some other stuff…. Costa Rica.. I can get you in contact with that agency they have packages with information at hand.

Yes you need to be cautious when investing in foreign countries alike within the United States. You don’t need to have a corporation, all you need is to be labeled a resident which you can do through the Costa Rican Consulate withing the USA. and a Notary can act as the Attorney when purchasing, flipping, or renting a house in Costa Rica. its the same as within the USA.

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Question by Yaron G: What are the best places for kids in Costa Rica?
We’re going for a week to Costa Rica at the end of August (rainy season…). We have a 4 year old and a 1 year old and will be renting a car.
What are the best places to travel to in Costa Rica with kids given the short visit?

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Answer by Mike
Since it is a short visit, and the kids are so young, I would just go to the beach.

Dont take your eyes off of them, even for a second.

There really is not a lot for young kids in Costa Rica.

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August 14, 2011 @ 4:00 am

Best Places to Visit in Costa Rica


Having Visited Costa Rica, I have compiled a list of the best locations to visit. This list is by no means comprehensive or complete, it is just a checklist of all the places I would visit when I go to Costa Rica.

Arenal Volcano

The Arenal Volcano area is one of Costa Rica’s top attractions. Only 3 hours away from San Jos, in the town of La Fortuna, stands a majestic 1,633m volcano, known to be one of the most active


Question by nicoletippin: What are the best places to visit in Costa Rica with only 6 days in the country?
My husband and I will be flying into SJO airport in Costa Rica in May. We fly in Thursday afternoon and leave the following Tuesday morning. With such limited time in the country, what area should we travel to (on the Pacific) and what should we see?

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Answer by Valerio
Conchal Beach
Los Suenos
You can go to Africa Mia

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Question by Wgooch: Is Paradisus Playa Conchal in Costa Rica to far away from the places that we will want to see?
We are staying in an All Inclusive Resort for convience but want to be able to see Costa Rica while we are there. (Rainforest, Arenal, etc) Please advise if we should look for a different place to stay.

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Answer by Orange
Playa Conchal a manageable distance from Arenal. It’s about a 4.5 hour bus ride. You can take Interbus from Conchal to Fortuna (which is where Arenal is). There are 2 shuttles daily, 7am and 2pm. If you take the 2pm, you get there just before 7 and you can see the volcano erupt at night (if it’s clear). The cost is $ 29/person one-way. They use mini-buses that seat up to about 8 people but are usually pretty light, so plenty of room. Whenever we don’t fly within CR (my favorite method of getting around the country), we use Interbus. If you have a rental, you can get there faster, if you don’t get lost. Get the GPS, the road signs in CR suck.

And you are never too far from a rain forest and nature in CR.

The best thing about that area (Guanacaste) is that the beaches are probably the nicest in CR. And while it’s hot, it’s not very humid. Be forewarned, the sun is stronger that you are probably used to. Use a strong sunblock (more than SPF50) and don’t stay in direct sun for too long or you will burn. I burned the top of my head badly once playing in the pool all afternoon.

Close to your resort is my favorite restaurant in Costa Rica. It’s caled Happy Snapper. They have everything, but their specilaty is seafood. The fish is so fresh you can smell the salt water. LOL Try their ceviche. It’s a seafood cocktail/appetizer (uncooked small squares of fish with diced tomato and cilantro, marinated in lime juice which sort of “cooks” it) served in a small bowl. I usually eat 2-3 before the main course.

Enjoy your trip!!!

Btw-You don’t mind paying US prices ($ 500-600/day) at a resort in a 3rd world country? There are much cheaper options, equal in quality. Go to Flamingo, south of Conchal. It’s $ 200/day, all-in. Or better yet, pay for the room and go out and eat at local restaurants and drink at the hotel bar/pool. Get a feel for the country, the culture, the food, the people. Why be stuck eating mostly food catered towards Americans.

Btw2- Don’t exchange money at the airport, they will rip you off on the rate. The official rate is ¢543 per $ 1 today, they pay about 475 which is over a 10% loss. Go to a bank, or even your hotel should do better. Hotels usually pay about 3-5% less than the bank rate.

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