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Dominical, COSTA RICA (PRWEB) March 10, 2007

Individual investors and hotel owners are turning their attention toward Costa Rica real estate. The low costs of purchasing and developing Costa Rica land make the country an attractive and affordable option, particularly for hotel owners. Paradise Brokers also notes that real estate in Costa Rica has continually risen in value over the past 15 years, with no setbacks.

As tourism increases every month in Costa Rica, so does the desire to own Costa Rica property, because of the increased awareness that it is a beneficial business prospect. Simply put, the cost of land, materials and labor in Costa Rica is much less than in other countries. In fact, many workers in Costa Rica are content with less than $ 4 an hour. This allows investors to recuperate startup costs and profit from their property much quicker than in most developed countries.

Individuals who have sought out Costa Rica information ( are often drawn by the country’s ecotourism opportunities. One-third of the country contains protected rain forests and wildlife reserves. Food and other goods in Costa Rica are also inexpensive, allowing visitors and landowners to afford the luxury of staying in a grand hotel.

And in the last several years, Costa Rica has gotten a reputation for something else. It is becoming an increasingly popular location for visitors to undergo and recover from plastic surgery. These individuals typically seek luxury hotels and spa treatments during their stays. Hotel owners also profit from the many new Costa Rica landowners, who spend time in hotels while visiting their new property recently purchased or while building their new dream home on Costa Rica land.

Once developed, many Costa Rica properties will be resold for twice the original price in less than two years. Thus is the current market in this wondrous land. With thousands of new tourists visiting Costa Rica every year, and property maintenance relatively inexpensive, many developers and hotel owners opt to maintain their ownership of real estate in Costa Rica. As more investors purchase real estate in Costa Rica, the remaining available Costa Rica land for sale has become Red-Hot.

About Paradise Brokers

Paradise Brokers ( is ‘developing paradise’ in Costa Rica as a full service real estate investment, development and property management company. Whether you are interested in panoramic ocean views, waterfalls, golf course lots, or mountain and river views, Paradise Brokers has it all: financing available. Their four offices provide unparalleled service and accessibility and that’s why COO Nick Halverson says, “We didn’t create paradise, we make it accessible.” Paradise Brokers’ lucrative program has a 100% money back guarantee and they will arrange all your travel, lodging, and excursions. For a limited time, get a $ 1,500 reimbursement upon visiting your new property.

For more information call 1-877-CRLand1, (275-2631). Grab your FREE 40 minute DVD and the ‘Blueprint to Costa Rica Riches’ NOW at


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San Juan, Costa Rica (PRWEB) October 23, 2007

The government of Costa Rica is partnering with Paradise Brokers to extend a n invitation to invest in Costa Rica real estate. Costa Rica beach properties is a 630 mile coastline that features many bays, coves, and inlets that give the coastline its distinctive features. The famous Jaco Beach attracts many tourist to Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.

One thing for sure there is so much to do for tourist. Hiking at Corvocado National Park and horseback riding at Rincon de Oso are two pastime favorites of those who vacation in Costa Rica. Those staying on the mid Pacific coast of Costa Rica will have the chance to experience the adventure ATV tours at Quepos-Manual Antonio and the historical areas of Putaraenas. Imagine lying in the sun in Guanacaste on the northern coast which is home to some of the most exquisite Costa Rica beach property. Hermosa, Tamarindo, Nosara and Flamingo beaches are all prime locations. The amenities alone will ensure a good time on the Costa Rica Pacific coast.

One of the many great things about Costa Rica is that the Costa Rica economy is benefiting greatly from investors. Since Costa Rica is a real estate hotspot the Costa Rican government is permitting acres of Costa Rica land to be sold. The region is where a majority of the Costa Rica beach properties are currently located. This region is more developed than the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean coastline. Whether it’s for business or pleasure the best time to visit the Pacific is from December through April with the rainy season from May through November.

About Paradise Brokers

Paradise Brokers is developing paradise TM

in Costa Rica as a full service, turnkey real estate, development and property management company. Investors can now obtain developed land at undeveloped prices in the South Pacific coastal region, less than 30 minutes from the newly announced International Airport. Whether you are interested in golf course lots with ocean views, mountains, river or waterfall views, or beautiful coastline property, Paradise Brokers has it all; financing available. The company also owns a law firm, and four offices employing 14 licensed real estate agents. Paradise Brokers offers unparalleled service and accessibility and that’s why Chief Operating Officer, Nick Halverson says, “We didn’t create paradise, we made it accessible.” Through their concierge and booking company, they can arrange of all your travel, lodging and tourism excursions, plus they provide transportation within Costa Rica to view your property. This lucrative program comes with 100% money back guarantee.

For more information, contact 1-877 CRLand1, (1 877 275-2631) or in Dominical, Costa Rica call 506 787-0181. Grab your FREE 12-page report, ‘Amazing Guide to Costa Rica Riches’ NOW at

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