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Costa Rica is a paradise for tourists due to its tropical climate that allows you to enjoy its vast beaches and clean. You can hire the luxury villas if you intend to stay long, along with your family, during Costa Rica Vacations. You can relax in a rental property, with all the interior accommodations, full kitchen and maid service. Enjoy the day with your partner, family, friends or colleagues, while his personal chef preparing your meal.



Question by Broken Hand: What should I expect to spend on a daily basis while traveling through Costa Rica?
I just graduated from college and am thinking about flying into San Jose, Costa Rica and then making my way to one of the coasts for a few weeks. Do you have any idea what I should expect to spend on hostels, food, transportation and going out? I can live pretty modestly, but still want to enjoy myself while I’m there.

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Answer by dougger
Using hostels, cheap meals, and generally being thrifty about 40 bucks a day. And figure on 60 bucks every throed day so you can splurge and have fun, get your clothes washed, take a hot shower. Most of the entertainments, such as access to national parks, are very expensive. A single beer in a cheap place is close to 2 dollars, you might not enjoy a beer in a place that is cheaper. Same with hostels- you can find them cheap but they can be disgusting. ANd risky if you carry anything anybody might want to keep. Do not assume only the Costa Ricans are petty thieves, a lot of the petty theft in the hostels and other places is done by shabby tourists too.

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July 6, 2011 @ 11:07 pm

Spend Summer In A Costa Rica Hotel

Who actually does not get excited about the idea of spending summer vacation in a tropical country? Everyone loves the beach and the white sand, the clear blue skies as well as the lush palm trees. You can likely find a hundred of places to choose from, however almost nothing could be more satisfying when compared with one of those Costa Rica vacations.

Costa Rica was dubbed one of the happiest and greenest nations in the world by UK’s The Guardian in ’09. This


Question by Sam: How much should I expect to spend on a vacation to Costa Rica?
I am traveling to Costa Rica for about five days and i am curious as to how much I should expect to spend. I plan on buying drinks at the bar and partying in addition to things like ATVs or Jet Skis. How much should I expect to spend. I already covered air fare and hotel so I am referring to spending change.

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Answer by Mike
It depends GREATLY on where you are going.

For example, I am going to Pavones next week. I will spend about $ 30 per day there… that includes drinking at night, food, and maybe a fishing trip too. I go to surf.

In Jaco, I could spend at least twice that.

Throw in a Jet Ski or ATV rental, and add around $ 50-$ 150 for that adventure. I zip lined south of Jaco last year, and the cost was about $ 30.

Costa Rica can be a very cheap vacation in the more rural areas, but in the tourist areas, it is quite expensive.

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January 16, 2011 @ 10:08 pm

How much did you spend traveling in costa rica?

Question by Matthew: How much did you spend traveling in costa rica?
My Friend and i are heading to Costa Rica then travel around Central America For about 4 to 5 weeks. We are curious to how much other people have spent in similar situations. We have one friend there and plan on camping and pretty much where ever we end up. Thoughts?

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Answer by Selina
Well I haven’t personally gone to costa rica but I googled costa rica and this looks like a good site to try and figure the costs.

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(PRWEB) December 1, 2004

John had visited more than 14 countries in his life, but when he sat down on the beach of playa Tamarindo in Costa Rica, with the warm salty sea wind gently caressing his hair, the smell of Costa Rican food playing in his nose and the listening to the salsa band playing on the beach, he said, “I’m home now!”

“I really thought paradise was in each and every country I visited, and they all looked so good to me.Â?But”, lamented John, “If I had known that Costa Rica was like this would I have come here many years ago.” A lot of tourists travel all over the world, and many spend huge amounts of money to visit far away places where they can find warm sun, warm water, friendly people, palm trees and hot nightlife.

What they have missed is Costa Rica! This small Central American country, only a couple of hours away from USA has so much to offer. Costa Rica has no military since the Second World War. The country has amazing beaches like Tamarindo, Quepos, Manuel Antonio, Cahuita, and Jaco. These beaches come in all shapes and all kinds of sand color. White, gey and even black sand beaches can be found in Costa Rica.

The people are very friendly and used to tourism. Therefore, a vacation in Costa Rica is a good investment. Not only can you go all out with 5 star hotels, expensive rental cars and all the extras, can you without problem spend a fantastic budget vacation in Costa Rica.

To read more about Costa Rica and to start planning your next vacation to this great country filled with orchids, butterflies, salsa, good food, hot nightlife, culture, sun, volcanoes and much more, visit for more information.

According to Kenth Nasstrom, the owner of, “Would many of the families or singels that go on vacation elsewhere, become devoted tico lovers once they visit Costa Rica.”

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