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DayStar Properties Launches Their Costa Rica Vacation Rental Website for Bahia Azul

Woodland Hills, CA (PRWEB) May 29, 2007

DayStar Properties, the leading beachfront condo developer in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica, recently launched a new informational website for its brand new beachfront condominium community – Bahia Azul. The site,, offers detailed property information, local and national maps, descriptions of hospitality services and tourism information on Costa Rica.

A beachfront community of 30 two-bedroom condominiums, Bahia Azul offers deluxe vacation rentals with the first-class services one would expect of a luxury hotel. The new website is intended to promote these deluxe condo rentals as an alternative to hotels, which have long been the traditional lodging option in Jaco, Costa Rica’s most popular beach town.

“The website will be a great tool for getting the word out that the luxury condo rental is the new trend for high-end accommodation in Jaco and throughout Costa Rica,” said Gretchen Gary, marketing manager with DayStar Properties. “You really do get much more for your money when you rent a DayStar condo rather than a hotel room, including amenities like fully equipped kitchens, in-unit washers and dyers, and multiple ocean-view balconies. Top it off with separate bedrooms and large shared spaces, and you just can’t beat the value.”

DayStar Properties is also excited at the prospect of drawing more luxury-minded travelers to Costa Rica, which is currently experiencing a nationwide renaissance of its tourism infrastructure and accommodation standards. Through online resources like, the luxury travel circuit can learn more about the evolution of places like Jaco Beach, which was just nominated as Central & Latin America’s Leading Beach by the World Travel Awards 2007.

About DayStar Properties:

DayStar Properties,, manages three near-to-complete luxury condominium communities – Bahia Azul, La Paloma Blanca and Bahia Encantada – in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. Beyond its property management division, the company is one of the largest condo developers on the central Pacific coast with seven existing projects on the Jaco beachfront.

To learn more, contact the Daystar sales and marketing office toll-free from the United States at 877/552-6825 or within Costa Rica at 643-2082. You can also visit our website at for project information and construction updates.


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Anamaya is Hot-Doggin’ with Their Surfing Camp in Costa Rica

Anamaya Resort & Retreat Center

Costa Rica (PRWEB) August 31, 2011

Costa Rica is well known for surf camps and yoga retreats and its popularity amongst tourists is growing steadily despite the economic turmoil. Anamaya Resort and Retreat Center is only 20 months old but it is ranked number one on Trip Advisor and is building a very loyal following. Fans of Anamaya range from yoga lovers, to Zumba enthusiasts, to guests who are interested in detox, to honeymooners who want to spend some time in a beautiful resort with even more incredible views. The Resort and Retreat Center definitely cater to a wide variety of clients but they can now add surfers to that list.

Surfing is growing in popularity and the number of surfing schools that are available around the world is significant. Someone traveling alone or in a group can enjoy a surf vacation and most schools are geared towards beginners. It has become a more accessible sport over the past two decades and it’s a great way to spend a beach vacation. Surfing is inexpensive, it is a social sport but can also be very solitary, it’s exciting and sexy, is a huge part of popular culture, and is a fun way to stay in shape. With all of these benefits it’s easy to see why the popularity of the sport has been rising.

Anamaya Resort in Montezuma runs unique retreats throughout the year and has added the Soul Surfer Yoga Retreat to their schedule. This surf camp is perfect for someone who wants to escape to the sun and the sand, but experience a little adventure at the same time. The surfing lessons are catered to meet the needs of the individual students, and the yoga sessions are for beginner to intermediate yoga practitioners. Their surf retreat includes 7 nights accommodation, 3 organic meals a day, daily surf lessons and yoga classes, surfboard rentals, 2 infrared sauna treatments and a waterfall hike. Anamaya also offers additional discounts for those who want to bring a friend along for the ride. The package is unlike any other in Costa Rica and their management team is finding that the retreat has been a welcome addition to their program.

Most surfing camp instructors will introduce their students to certain types of breaks, waves, surf etiquette, and other facts about the sport. For beginners this is important basic information and for experienced surfers the instructor will configure the information and the lesson based on the students experience level. The first lesson for beginners will also include information about surfboards, paddling out into the ocean, popping up onto the board, safety instructions, and what to expect during your retreat. It is very common to spend the first part of a surf lesson on the beach practicing jumping up onto the board or lying on the board in a paddling position.

Yoga is commonly combined with surfing vacations and Anamaya’s Soul Surfer Yoga Retreat includes daily yoga sessions. Surfers use yoga to enhance their surfing ability as it increases flexibility and overall fitness. Another important benefit of practicing yoga is that it is a huge factor in preventing injuries. Surfing can be a lot of fun but it is also a demanding sport. Avid surfers need to have healthy shoulders, toned muscles, a focused mind, ample lung capacity, and strong balancing skills.

The Soul Surfer Yoga Retreat at Anamaya is steadily growing in popularity along side the success of the Resort itself. Their guests experience the family vibe of Anamaya as well as the magic of Costa Rica. It should definitely be added on a top 10 list of places to visit – especially for people interested surfing vacations, yoga, detox, zumba, or even yoga teacher trainings.


Kelsey Matheson-McCord

Vice President/Co-Owner

Anamaya Resort & Retreat Center



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Costa Rica Invest Announces a Price Rise of 31% in Finca Di Pacifico Dos, their Unique Teak and Development Land Opportunity

Dublin, Ireland (PRWEB) July 8, 2009

Costa Rica Invest’s premier project Finca Di Pacifico Dos is an ideally located teak plantation overlooking the Gulf of Nicoya and on the Pan-American Highway halfway between the two international airports of San Jose and Liberia. The land is currently being subdivided on the Cadastral (land registry) and each lot will come with permission to construct one holiday villa.

A teak plantation with 12 to 14 year old teak Finca Di Pacifico Dos represents an ideal investment or future development opportunity.

The returns from the teak growing on each development lot provides a secure return whilst the land has the potential to provide spectacular returns or the lot owner can develop their own holiday villa on their own piece of paradise.

In line with other land prices and progress towards cadastral registration prices in Finca Di Pacifico Dos have increased by between 21% and 31%.

The Economist Intelligence Unit Limited, a research and advisory company providing country, industry and management analysis worldwide, has published a study titled “Manning the Barricades, who’s at risk as deepening economic distress foments social unrest” In this report the no 1. emerging economy in Central America, Costa Rica, is ranked the 7th most politically and socially stable country in the world. In this report The Economist issued a detailed forecast outlining the current world economic crisis and its possible effects on political stability in 165 countries worldwide. Within the report individual countries where ranked for vulnerability to political instability.

Costa Rica is still a developing nation but with more teachers than policemen, ranked 5th in the world in terms of environmental performance, plans to be carbon neutral as a nation by 2021, no army, and a stable democracy it represents an incredible investment opportunity.

Costa Rica also boasts a stable national banking system that didn’t get involved in the high-risk lending practices experienced in other countries.

Of course the Costa Rican economy has not been unaffected by global economic conditions but Costa Rica’s stability continues to attract foreign investment, and has kept domestic and foreign driven construction projects online even as funding sources have become more conservative. The IMF predicts that Costa Rica will recover quickly from the Global Financial Crises and Costa Rica Invest offers a unique opportunity to invest in and benefit from Costa Rica’s future growth.

James Cahill, Managing Director, comments on the Economist Intelligence Unit report “whilst many people may be surprised to see that Costa Rica features as the 7th most politically stable country worldwide with one of the lowest chances of social unrest being caused by the current global economic conditions, it comes as no surprise to us. Costa Rica is the principal emerging economy in Central America building on many years of stable democracy. This stability and security will encourage further inward investment into Costa Rica, further economic growth and ensure further great returns for our investors. Finca Di Pacifico Dos is now 83% sold as more investors become aware of the incredible medium term investment opportunity which we offer.”

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) also has very positive news about Costa Rica with Miquel Savastano, Assistant Director of the IMF (International Monetary Funds) Western Hemisphere region, predicting that Costa Rica will be one of the first countries whose economies will recover in 2010. He bases these predictions on the sound financial and fiscal policies of the Costa Rican Government and Costa Rican central bank whose fiscal policies the IMF fully endorses.

More positive news comes from Nicolas Eyazaguirre, Director of the IMF Western Hemisphere region who is quoted as saying “Latin America in general will experience a quicker recovery than the larger economies” because “many countries in the region have responded to the crises with policies that boost production and employment. The outstanding feature being that six months after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, no Latin American financial system has experienced a banking crisis. Liquidity is good and Latin American banks have little dependence on foreign financing.”

In December 2008 the IMF reported about Costa Rica “the country can confront the challenging global environment from a position of relative strength. The prudent fiscal stance of recent years provides the authorities with some room for maneuver”

Costa Rica Invest specialises in eco-friendly, ethical, high yield investments. All projects are based in the best locations in Costa Rica, consisting of plots of development land with an environmentally friendly angle. Their current development in ‘Di Pacifico Dos’ combines a teak commodity investment traded in USD on plots of land zoned for development. With a double investment in locations where land prices are increasing rapidly, backed by a sound commodity that is constantly ‘growing’, is it any wonder they have so many repeat investors creating wealth naturally?

For more information, including high resolution images and case studies, press only:

Judy Ferguson, +353 (0)1 272 4184, pr (at) costaricainvest (dot) ie

For more information on Costa Rica Invest and their products:

+353 (0)1 272 4184, info (at) costaricainvest (dot) ie or

Costa Rica Invest specialises in enironmentally friendly, ethically responsible, high yield investments, primarily in Costa Rica. Di Pacifico Dos is Costa Rica Invests current project investing in development land with the added value of teak trees.

# # #

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Question by dan: How can a Future Mega Marina in Costa Rica advertise/Market their slips and properties?
a new mega marina is being built on the carribean coast of Costa Rica! how can they advertise their docking slips for boats and their condos and hosue villas?

Best answer:

Answer by monsoonal1
This is a marketing strategy that allows the developers to use your purchase cash to fund the developement…. you buy off the plan then they use the capital to build it. They do that with resorts, apartments, and housing developements etc.

What do you think? Answer below! Debuts with Fun Events for the Fun People in Their Late 40s, and UP

Pound Ridge, NY (PRWEB) October 9, 2010

Active events for adults is what the newly debuted is all about. Twifties are the fun people in their late 40s, and up. Twifties can sign up on the site for the email party list and be notified of upcoming events.

October 17, Sunday, will be the Catamount Adventure Party for Twifties. All (over age 8) are invited to come to Catamount Resort in the Berkshire Mountains, Hillsdale, NY, on the Massachusetts/NY line. The group will meet to spend a few hours adventuring on the rope courses and zip lines. An optional box lunch will be served at a discounted price of $ 5 in the tavern afterwards. The rope course will be $ 41 for ages 12+, $ 30 for ages 11-12 and $ 24 for ages 8-9.

Meet at 10:45 at the Adventure Desk in the main lodge. If there is light rain the event will happen. Heavy rain postpones to the following Sunday, Oct. 24. Please r.s.v.p to Lauren(at)Twifties(dot)com by midnight Saturday October 16. Full details on the Twifties Catamount Adventure Party are at

Coming in February is the Twifties Trip to Nosara, Costa Rica, for sun, surf, dancing, and yoga. Unlike other travel groups people travel in their own style with Twifties. Come down when and how you like, and stay where you like. Twifties will get together daily for an activity. Then travelers can spend time at their own speed, in activities with new Twifties activity companions, alone, or with their own travel companions. The idea is that the Twifties activities unfold organically.

“An open format is the way I like to travel and it works great, so I want to bring this wisdom to our Twifties Activities,” says Twifties founder Lauren Traub Teton. “Twifties activities are for independent travelers who might have gone to these places anyway, but just needed a little encouragement or some people to do things with to seal the deal.”

A Twifties day hike of the Appalachian Trail in Vernon, NJ was the latest Twifties event. It was a Twifties “Instant Event” that came up with very little planning, and those who knew about it and were available participated. A small group had a fantastic time hiking on a beautiful day, with even a little bit of unexpected adventure when a hiker from the group overshot the turnoff for the overlook and continued down the trail. A search party went after her and all were reunited. Beth Nolan, of BN Yoga led the group in some impromptu “Yoga Anywhere” in the woods and all descended the Wawayanda Mountain range stretched, refreshed, and grounded after the hike.

The video of the hike is at

Twifties.TV has over 50 entertaining videos of what Twifties do for fun, made by Ms. Teton. “We reached the thrilling milestone of 100,000 viewers for our videos last week!” says Ms. Teton. Our viewers solidly prove our demographic, with 50% over age 45 and 70% over age 35. 75% of our viewers watched the Oasis of the Seas preview videos, so it makes sense to assume they are an affluent market with disposal income.”

“The point of the Twifties movement is for the fun people close to 50 and up to regain their power and know that it’s ok, even therapeutic to have fun. Why are only 5% of advertising dollars directed at the group that controls over half of consumer spending? Apparently we are invisible. My mission is to make the aspirational lifestyle of a vibrant group of happy people show up on the radar screen, for the betterment of all,” says Ms. Teton.



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